15 World Heritage Sites In India As Declared By UNESCO

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After the latest edition of World Heritage Sites in India, India has now 36 World Heritage Sites listed by UNESCO. It makes India among one of the top countries globally in terms of a number of world heritage sites. UNESCO identifies World Heritage Sites as places that belong to all the peoples of the world, … Read more

Everything About The Dasara Celebrations At The Iconic Mysore Palace

dasara celebrations at mysore palace

The Mysore Palace is one of the grandest and most incredible buildings in India without a doubt. Unlike other of the most famous landmarks in India, the Mysore Palace is not centuries old but rather built in the 20th century on the site of previously constructed palaces. It is, in fact, the fourth building built … Read more

Its Time To Witness The Blooming Neelakurinji Flowers In Munnar


It is finally that time of the decade when the beautiful and the majestic Neelakurinji will be blooming. The time nature lovers and travel buffs will be most waiting for is finally here. It is the Neelakurinji blooming time. Brace yourself to witness the floral carpet that is going to be definitely a feast for … Read more

20 Incredible Forts In Maharashtra That You Must Visit In A Lifetime

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Very true to its name, the state of Maharashtra is dotted with grandeur, magnificence, and rich cultural heritage. Its history includes some great chapters that need to be remembered and passed on to the upcoming generations. Today’s post covers some quintessential forts in Maharashtra. Many spots are great weekend gateways for adventure lovers. Check out … Read more

15 Magnificent & Oldest Temples In India That Are Our Ancient Heritages

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While learning the history of India, we might all have got an idea about how the temples in India used to be in ancient times. Temples used to be the social hubs where people used to segregate. It is the temples that present the cultural and architectural heritage of India. No matter how religious or … Read more

Top Heritage Hotels In India To Get Some Royal Treatment

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Traveling is a soothing experience that everyone needs to experience from time to time. Of course, everyone has their own style of having this experience and it varies from person to person. The traveling experience of the person even varies according to their tastes, budget, desires and various other factors. But everyone definitely wishes to … Read more

Less Visited Places Near Delhi, The Popular Travel Destination

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Delhi, the capital city of the world’s second largest populated country is one of the popular tourist destinations for foreign tourists and also the travelers with the country. It is such a great place that has many things to check out and the city is filled with brilliant architecture and amazing structures. There are also … Read more