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Travelling is more than just a weekend plan or a yearly routine. Travelling, for many of us, is a passion that quenches our thirst for new and fresh experiences. Be it a weekend getaway or a month-long vacation, travelling is a much needed break for all of us. With so many things to be planned for a vacation to go smoothly, you will definitely need help. TravelUR is here with the perfect solution to all your travel woes.

World’s first travel platform that assists you in every single step of travel planning as well as journey, TravelUR launched in April, 2017. You can easily book your flights and other modes of transport on their website itself. With amazing tie-ups with the best hotels in every destination, TravelUR makes your transport and stay very affordable.

TravelURTravel+UR- Your travel made easy is what this platform is all about. There is nothing you will not find on this site with just a few clicks. Apart from taking care of your flights and hotel stays, it also helps you connect with like-minded people. How cool is that, right?

All about choices and making memories

TravelURTravelUR has plenty of options that you can choose from. While you are on your own in a distant location, it helps you connect with other families. You can share your experiences and even travel together. Additionally, you can also create your own customized Digital records where you can store all your videos, photographs and other memories.

Travel UR

What could be better? You also get profile based deals and many exciting travel giveaways! TravelUR definitely gives you the best of both worlds. Not only can you book all aspects of your travel in affordable manners, but you can also have more fun and make memories with no difficulty. All you have to do is enjoy and let this brilliant travel platform take care of the rest!

The story behind TravelUR

Founded by technology architects, business leaders and travel domain experts they now have a 25 member team who are spread across the globe. These dedicated members love scenic places as much as they love their technological world. They are passionate to make yours and their journey a super success!

TravelURIn the next 5 years they aim to acquire an expansion of 50 million users across the globe. They want to provide end-to-end solutions enabling travel related engagements, knowledge, insights, choices etc. Some of their best features include-

  • Booking tickets with zero or reduced transaction fees
  • Exciting travel giveaways
  • Choose your own itineraries based on personal preferences
  • Access to economical and secure tours and travel packages from certified providers
  • Creating unlimited Digital memories for the future generations
  • Sign up and take a step ahead for that world tour you have always wanted

Personally, I have absolutely loved TravelUR for making my vacation seem like a real vacation. No tension, no stress and everything planned exactly how I wanted it to be. They have great choices for hotel stay and they plan your vacation with dedication. What could be better than travelling? Sharing your memories with others. Yes, TravelUR’s digital storage platform for all our travel memories not only helps us connect on a social media platform but also helps us keep them safe. We can share our stories, experiences, connect with like-minded people and even plan a travel journey with them in the future! This makes it a completely exhilarating experience without any worries!

Here’s a video that gives you more insight about this travel platform!


If you have been thinking of that dream holiday destination, wait no more. Sign up with TravelUR today itself and make the best of your travel!

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