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In the crazy and addictive land of television, there are a hundred shows with a thousand characters, following plotlines that resemble a catacomb. This may seem confusing to those humans who have *ahem* better things to do with their time, but for those of us who live for the moving screen, it is the fuel that keeps us going through the weeks. Whether it is the shock-inducing “Game of Thrones”, or the hilarious riot that is “The Big Bang Theory”, we all have our favourites!

A common vibe can be detected in most shows, one that is usually an underlying factor for most plot twists – friendship. Addressing this cheerful little detail, here is a list of 8 TV shows displaying strong bonds of friendship!

1. Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang

“You are my person.” Dr. Yang’s famous words to Dr. Grey. This line has turned out to be the definition of every ‘best friend’-ship thereafter. They made it together, through ten seasons of break-ups, dangers, traumas and deaths. From fresh interns to cynical surgeons, they stood by each other as they grew, loved, laughed and lost.

Dr. Mark Sloane (for whose death, Shonda Rhimes is still not forgiven) and Dr. Callie Torres have also been shown to be very good friends. Brutal honesty and being able to pull the other’s leg made for a great (and favorite!) relationship. Oh, also the fact that they had a baby together.

greys anatomy person meredith grey greys christina yang


2. How I Met Your Mother, Barney Stinson and Lily Aldrin

Surprised? Isn’t it supposed to be Ted and Marshall, best friends since college? Well, they do take the limelight away a little from another good relationship – Barney and Lily. Barney always talks to Lily when he has problems that he can’t share with the guys, like being in love with Robin, or being in love with Nora, or going to a cardiologist alone. The equation they have is one of honesty, and plenty of jokes about each other. They share a sweet friendship, albeit one that is a little creepy, stemming from Barney’s desire to see Lily’s breasts.


3. Criminal Minds, Morgan and Garcia

The friendship between Morgan, the hot brawny BAU investigator and Garcia, the lovable weirdo tech gal, is always a good reason to watch this psychopath-filled show. They care for each other in a way that leaves you wishing for a person like one of them, in your life. Although pretty much everyone thinks that they’re an item, such a plotline hasn’t been formally introduced into the series – yet. Yes, CBS, we’re all waiting! AND, how adorable is Morgan’s nickname for Garcia!


4. The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon and Penny

Another relationship that goes unnoticed! Sheldon, for all of his adversity to humans, forms a good bond with neighbor Penny. They can be seen annoying each other, holding grudges that end with Sheldon’s mother scolding him for putting Penny’s laundry out on telephone wires, and even being on a team together (which ends well, actually), but Penny grows to understand the idiosyncrasies of Sheldon, and he realizes that she’ll always be there for him. It’s pretty sweet, seeing them being nice to each other!

big bang theory sheldon cooper penny shenny sheldon and penny hug


5. Sex and the City

Four women, one city, lots of men and lots of sex. Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha are the original squad. Lunch, drinks, shopping and gossip are always on the list. They share each moment together – the bad dates, the good dates, the break-ups, the marriages, the babies, the cancer. These four ladies know how to hold each other up, and laugh while they do so. If only HBO hadn’t stopped at season 6.

sex and the city satc


6. Castle, Ryan and Esposito

Partners and friends. How much better could it be? Ryan and Esposito make watching Castle all the better, with their antics and inside jokes and amazing comic timing. They fiercely protect each other’s backs, are loyal, and it’s so cute how Ryan wants Espo to co-coach Little League! Not to mention their routine teaming up with Rick Castle to prove one of his myriad theories. How often do you come across a pair of bros that can take a bullet for the other, AND put up a great show of Get Lucky by Daft Punk?

castle kevin ryan javier esposito ryan esposito


7. Game of Thrones, The Night’s Watch

Yes, this one makes the cut! The season 6 premiere will tell you why. When Jon Snow’s body is found, his true friends are revealed, those loyal to him and his command. Eddison Tollett, Grenn and a few others (whose names are harder to decipher than the others’) stay and guard his body against Lord Alliser and his men. They are ready to fight, and even die in the process.

Samwell Tarly is shown to be Jon’s closest friend at the Night’s Watch during the previous 5 seasons. Jon protects the tubby Sam, and helps him gain a place at the Wall.

game of thrones snow got jon jon snow


8. Pretty Little Liars

Four girls, one town and lots of scandal. Aria, Emily, Spencer and Hannah make it through some pretty tough situations that leave them scarred, and more strongly bonded than ever. It is said that in your most difficult times, the people who walk towards you to help are your real friends. ABC’s Pretty Little Liars definitely proved the saying. These four young women stand together in times of adversity, and pull each other up when the crazy plot twists get the better of them.

pretty little liars gasp


You may have noticed how the iconic F.R.I.E.N.D.S is not on the list. Well, the title itself gives the plot away now, doesn’t it? Why not let the other shows get their share of the spotlight too!

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