Bisht, Please
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If you are a follower of offbeat and quirky shows, rejoice away! After coming out with amazing shows like Humorously yours, Permanent Roommates and Tripling, they are back with another show called ‘Bisht, Please’. This is their 5th series which is iconic because it is their first series with a female in the lead role.

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This story is written by Nidhi Bisht, Devanshi Shah and Biswapati Sarkar. Interestingly the storyline is based on Nidhi’s kaarnaame once she landed in Mumbai! Like all their shows, ‘Bisht, Please’ will also have instances that reality-driven and hence appeal to the audience.

It shows the story of Neetu Bisht, played by Nidhi herself and how she struggles to do the right things in life. Funny, quirky, unfortunate and awkward is what they explain about this show. So, yayy!

Bisht, Please
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In an interview to Hindustan Times, Nidhi explains, “This is my flagship project. I have loaned my surname to the show, and it’s based on my misadventures in Mumbai. The story is an exaggerated version of my personal life. It’s scary… and exciting.”

TVF released the trailer on International Women’s Day and the series will be launched on March 18th.

Here’s the much talked about trailer of ‘Bisht, Please’!


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