If you have been grazing over social media, you would have definitely come across tweets that are not only entertaining but also enlightening. One such member of the Twitter community is Virender Sehwag. Since the day he joined Twitter, he has been filling our lives with laughter and fun.

Be it his funny anecdotes or eye-opening two cents on many relevant topics, Sehwag has been winning hearts off field too. If you don’t believe us, you will have to scroll ahead!

This lit life advice!

Virender Sehwag has a way with words and this tweet is proof enough!

The hashtag will have you in splits

Viru paaji has been giving us some serious husband goals with his accurate tweets regarding his marital life.

This socially relevant message shared right!

Like we pointed out, Virender Sehwag consistently shares and posts messages that are socially uplifting and this tweet is just too good to ignore!

When he actually replied to a fan with love

Sehwag isn’t one of those celebrities who don’t acknowledge their fans. This fan tweeted about his brother who is ill and is a huge fan of Viru paaji. And he sent his warm regards!

When he shared this funny Indian typo (or not)

We all know about Indian spellings that totally change the whole meaning. Well, here’s Sehwag sharing one himself with a quirky post!

When he had the cutest reaction on becoming a Crorepati!

We are talking about his Twitter followers and he is as cute as a newbie! How can you not retweet this?

This Virender Sehwag tweet that we can all relate to

Don’t we all just hate it when it rains during a match? Well, during one such match, he tweeted this and we just couldn’t giggle enough!

Isn’t he such a gem to have on a social media platform?

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