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15 Different Types Of Braids (With Pictures) – Have You Tried Them All?

Are you looking for trendy ways of styling your hair? Some hairstyle can look gorgeous, some that keeps your strands off your face or some that will be done really quickly. Whatever you might be hunting for different types of braids can help you achieve a versatile look. Let’s be real on this one. There are so many variants of braided hairstyles that simply saying “she wore a braid” will not be enough. The blanket term tells you nothing about the style and technique of getting the hairdo done. Thus we have collated a list of 15 different types of braids to give you new ideas that will not damage your hair at the risk of looking gorgeous.

Different Types Of Braids

1. Regular Three Strand Braid

The first thing that strikes us when we speak of braided hairstyles is the regular three-strand braid. It makes the baseline of braids or plait. These regular braids are simple, classic and very easy to make.

You’ll soon find this is the simplest hairdo to keep your hair out of the face. You may want to dampen your hair a little to get a neater three-stranded braided hairstyle.

2. The Fishtail Braid

The Fishtail Braid

This is another most popular hairstyle amongst different types of braids. This amazing look is created by separating your hair into 2 sections. It is considered as one of the most romantic ways to style your hair.

You can have combinations to this braid like French fishtail, fishtail ponytail, Dutch fishtail, fishtail pigtail braids, and more.

3. Cornrows Braid Styles

Cornrows - different types of braids

African braids have stayed popular always. There are various different types of braids picked up from the ancient African tradition. Cornrows being one of the classic and cult styles people of both sexes like to adapt.

Cornrows are a great protective hairstyle for those with naturally curly and voluminous hair. It involves grooming the braids very close to the scalp in simple straight lines or complex curvilinear patterns.

4. French Braid

French Braid - types of braids

This is a hairstyle most women might have tried. The French braids continuously incorporate strands of hair into a three-stranded braid.

It is a classically beautiful hairdo that keeps your long tresses in place while you’re at work or traveling. If you practice, you can master this style soon.

5. The Dutch Braid

The Dutch Braid

A Dutch braid is the reverse pattern of a French-styled braid. All you have to do is pass the hair strands from underneath.

This is why you can see the Dutch braid sitting on top of the head instead of the woven style inside the hair. You can also create headband braids and pigtails with Dutch braids.

6. Four Strand Braid

Four Strand Braid - types of braids

Now that you are used to weaving three strands of hair and adding some more hair to these strands in some cases, you’ll be intrigued to find that four and five-strand braids do exist.

Take a peep at the image below. It’s a challenging hairstyle to master (be careful not to tangle your hair).

7. The Milkmaid Braid

The Milkmaid Braid

Milkmaid braids are a cute way to style your hair in an updo. It is absolutely easy for those who know to work out a three-strand braid.

You can create regular pigtail braids and tie them up at the crown-making a headband or halo braids can be constructed using French braiding techniques.

8. Waterfall Braid

Waterfall Braid

The waterfall braid is aptly named suggesting its look (a lovely cascading waterfall effect). It is the next level braiding technique for those who have mastered the basic braiding hairstyles.

While you may think the braid looks very complicated, it is fairly simple to master this one after a few practice runs.

9. Lace Braid

Lace braid

One can create many versions of the lace braid. It is one hairstyle that’s perfect to put your face-framing bangs in place.

The lace braid is similar to a French braid with the only difference being that the hair are added to just one side of the braid. It looks gorgeous for both long and shorts hair.

10. Ladder Braid

Ladder Braid

Now you may definitely wonder how to create this stunning ladder braid hairdo, isn’t it? Tough it is little tricky to make this hairstyle it’s a real showstopper at any event.

The ladder braid is a mix of waterfall and lace braids. It is perfect for parties and wedding occasions. Pair up some hair accessories with the hairdo to steal the show.

11. Zig Zag Braid

Zig zag braid - types of braids

Wanna create a romantic look for your first date? Or are you looking for an amazing hairstyle for your bridal look? Here’s what we suggest. A zig-zag patterned Dutch braid is just what you need to look gorgeous and romantic at the same time.

12. Rope Braid

Rope braid

After having looked at some complicated twists and turns to create different types of braids we bring a chic and simple one for you.

The rope braid is very easy to create yet looks so beautiful. It’s made by simply twisting 2 sections of hair individually, and then around each other.

13. Lattice Braid

Lattice Braid - types of braids

One more intricate hairstyle! The lattice braid is also called the basket weave braid. If you have got your hair colored this is a great hairstyle to show off those colored strands. You can sport this hairdo for night dates, parties and weddings. Practice them thoroughly and avoid entangling your hair.

14. Bow Braids

Bow Braids - types of braids

Bows are in trend since many years and there are no chances it will lose its popularity any soon. Different types of braids and the intricacy levels will make you wow at them. Take your braiding experience to new fashionable heights with these bow braids. They will make hair accessories unnecessary.

15. Five Strand Braid

Five Strand Braid - types of braids

To take the braiding education to a level higher you must definitely know about the five strand braid beauty. Monotoned hair does look enchanting in this awe-inspiring hairdo but if you have multicoloured tresses this hairstyle will look marvellous.

This is not all. There are many variations to these braided hairdos. You can mix up different types of braids and create your own new look.

So get going gals! Do send in your pictures below!

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