Uber Proves Again That It Is Highly Unsafe – Experience Of Common Girl And Mallika Dua


Various cab services has surely made some ease in everyone’s life. But question comes when SAFETY is compromised! On one hand OLA charges higher and false rates and on the other Uber has people who harass and misguide people.

In a day two incidents were reported, but what about incidents which are not reported. One was reported by celebrity Mallika Dua and other by a commoner Shagun Manhas Batra!!

Read on both Uber stories and thing about it: 

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Mallika Dua – Actress and Comedian

Uber India is the most vile organisation to exist. They don’t check their drivers profiles before hiring them and seem to learn NOTHING from their mistakes. This driver Chetan brought the car to a screeching halt and asked me to get out of the car when I asked him to increase the air conditioning. Yes OVER THE AC TEMPERATURE. He ended the trip and said “uttar gaadi se. Nahi badhaunga AC. Uber Tum logon ko ad mein kuch bhi dikhaata hai ki apna gaadi samjho. Aisa kuch nahi” we got into a very heated argument where I yelled my guts out at him screaming How battameez he is and how I will take action and he said “nikkal tu gaadi se bhenchod” and started to drive off with me still in the car. When I screamed and asked him to stop he asked me to get out again and started screaming bhenchod saali madarchod out in the open. I can afford a car and a driver in this city. What about those who don’t have that option? Are they supposed to put themselves at risk each time they order a cab? THESW are our successful startups? My ass. HOW THE FUCK does a multinational company like UBER have NO customer care/ point of contact in India? I’m shivering right now in broad daylight. If anyone has any contacts at the elusive bloody Uber, do let me know.

Under Unsafe StylewhackUnder Unsafe Stylewhack D

Shagun Manhas Batra – Hr and Admin professional (Pune)

#Longpostalert #BeSafe ladies #Uberworstexperience
#Posting the incident which happened with me last night.
#Uber #Worstexperience #Pune
So, last night I booked a cab, Tata Indigo MH12NX 0757, at 8:27pm from Wanowarie, Pune to Phoenix Marketcity Viman Nagar.
1. I boarded the cab, and the driver told me that he had run out of all his money and won’t be able to pay the toll.So, he’ll take the other route.
2. As the route he was talking about is secluded, I told him that I don’t want to take that route. Its your responsibility to keep the money for toll. You have to pay the money and you can’t change the route.
3. He kept on forcing me, Saying, “Madam, it won’t take that long from the other route as there are no signals at all.” When I didn’t agreed to this he got pissed off.
4. And then after sometime, he passed a comment to me “ Madam, aapne perfume BAhut acha lgaya hai. BAhut acha khushboo Aa rha hai”(Madam you have applied a very nice perfume. It’s smelling so nice”).
I told him to shut up and mind his own business. Inspite of telling him to not to take the other route, he tried to take that route and then I told him in a louder voice, that didn’t you heard that I told you not to take the other route?Again he gave the lame excuses that I don’t have the money and all… But I was rigid and didn’t let him to take the other route.
After all this nonsense, I called a friend and kept on talking to him to avoid further conversation with the driver.

5. When the Toll Post arrived, he took out a 100 or 500 Rupees( I was not note to give to the toll post person.
I was so shocked as all the time he kept on telling me that he had run out of all the money and can’t pay the toll… I understood then and there that he was telling a lie and his intentions were not good. That’s why he kept on forcing me to take the secluded route.
6. I’ll be lodging a Police complaint anyhow. This post is just to bring to your notice..
7. @Uber, If I would have agreed to his request to take the secluded route, this could have taken a toll on my life. Will you take the responsibility of this happens with any women in the country??

Under Unsafe Stylewhack AIt’s your duty to to get the verification of your drives done before employing them… Everyday we hear one or other crimes happening against women….
#Such a pathetic and disgusting experience #Uber

Shagun tried posting on Uber’s page but didn’t got posted there.

It is high time that we take our security in our hand, be vigilant and courage to take right decision at right time! 

Share it by tagging Uber, Hope you all dont want to wait long enough to such incident happen to your loved ones.

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