Gone are the days when we were crazy about the Rock, Stone cold, Undertaker, Kurt Angle, Chyna and WWE was the only combat sport we knew. You are a grownup when you know that WWE is all scripted, choreographed and is all about entertainment. We deserve something real and that’s what Ultimate Fighting Championship aka UFC offers i.e. real fights. UFC, the biggest promoter of mixed martial arts is as real as it gets.

So Stylewhack gives you 5 solid reasons to start following this new phenomenon called UFC –

MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world

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There was a time when boxing was the king of combat sports, but now the tables have turned and Mixed Martial Arts i.e. MMA has slowly reached the top. Hosting the biggest events, featuring the best multi- disciplined combat sportsmen, UFC has become the world’s biggest pay per view provider. UFC’s current market value is approximately 4 billion dollars. Yes you heard right, it is a billion with a B!

The best fights the best

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Last year the internet went crazy over Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao boxing fight, they called it “the fight of the century”. For your information it took five years, just to agree on that fight and five years is a long time. In today’s date, people get what they choose for, and that’s where UFC has the edge over other sports.  UFC owns the rights of all its fighters, meaning the promotions can make the best fights that people want to see.  It’s not only the fight in octagon that is breathtaking, sometimes the press conferences and the weigh ins can get heated with a lot of trash talk.


UFC styles

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Elite martial artists from all over the world compete with each other in the Octagon. Martial arts include different disciplines like boxing, karate, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Sambo, judo and many others. Ever imagined a face off between karate VS wrestling or judo VS boxing, meaning anyone can face anybody. This is the variety UFC offers. When these fighters hustle it out in the octagon, the outcome is mind-blowing.

Gender equality

Ronda Rousey shows off her UFC bantamweight championship belt during a news conference, Thursday Dec. 6, 2012 in Seattle, Wash. UFC president Dana White handed out the belt, saying the former Strikeforce title-holder will make her UFC debut on Feb. 23 against Liz Carmouche. (AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Neil Davidson)

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UFC 200, UFC 193, UFC 170, some of UFC’s most successful events all highlighted by a women’s co-main event. This does not happen in any other sport. One of the main reasons to watch the women’s bout is Ronda Rousey, the most successful women fighter in UFC. She is also counted in the top 10 best fighters on the planet. She defended her bantamweight championship for 11 consecutive matches and then lost to Holly Holm in UFC 193. So, next time you are making weekend plans, you can easily talk your girlfriend into watching a UFC pay per view event.

Brock Lesnar

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Every WWE fan knows who Brock Lesnar is. After a great career with WWE and a failed NFL career Brock Lesnar joined UFC. He was already a star with WWE, but he wanted to try the real thing with UFC. In his 9 matches as a MMA fighter he has won 6 of them. He is the reason, why WWE fans watch UFC. Internet went crazy when he came back from retirement in UFC 200 and comfortably defeated Mark Hunt (one of the top ten heavyweights).

So ladies and gentlemen out there, MMA is not just a sport, it’s also an art and UFC provides the biggest platform for it. Go get some real action!

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