Some Of The Most Unusual Phobias That You Have Ever Heard Of

unusual phobias

From the fear of spiders to the fear of heights you might have heard of a lot of phobias. But there are still a lot of fears of something that you haven’t probably heard of. Fear not, we are here introducing you to some of the most unusual fears. So, catch up some of the wildest, interesting and unusual phobias.

Some Weird And Unusual Phobias:

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Haptein is a Greek word that means to fasten. Whereas, Haptics is an English word that is a word for the science concerned with a sense of touch. It is used in technologies like the touchscreen. And haphephobia is a rare phobia that involves the fear of touch or being touched.

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Somniphobia is an irrational and excessive fear of falling asleep. Usually people with this fear associate sleeping with dying. With some people, it may also happen from suffering repeated nightmares and feeling of lack of control. Some people with this fear feel they are losing their time while they sleep.

We may have heard of sleep fanatics but there are also people who fear to sleep.

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People with this phobia have a fear of anything that is in yellow. They are even afraid of the sun, yellow coloured flowers, and yellow paint. The extreme form of xanthophobia may include an overwhelming fear of the phrase yellow as well.

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Phobos is a Greek word that means fear. It is an excessive fear of acquiring a phobia. It is fear of fear. The people with this phobia fear of getting a phobia.

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This is a common phobia that is most usually found in children. Yes, people who are on a job to bring smiles to everyone’s face actually fill in someone’s brains with fear. Clowns don’t have any involvement in this but yeah many have a fear of clowns.

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Every one of us craves to hear good news all the time. But do you believe us if we say that there are people who have a fear of hearing the good news? You have to because there are such people.

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You might have heard of the fear of Friday the 13th. And yeah based on that superstition some people also fear the number 13. The people with this phobia try to avoid using or doing anything related to this number.

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The people who have an abnormal fear of rains are said to suffering from ombrophobia. It is thought to be occurred because of various reasons.


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Every one of us usually loves partying and waits for the weekend but there are also some people who sadly have a fair for parties and dinners and that is this unusual phobia Deinophobia.


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The people with this phobia are very much less lucky fellows as they don’t get rid read the books that may give them a lot of knowledge and can help them think in a different way. May God bless all those people with bibliophobia.

Hope these unusual phobias haven’t feared you!!!! Don’t be afraid of anything!!!! Stay Brave…..

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