8 Incredible Updo Hairstyling Ideas For Short Hair – Get Inspired

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Hairstyling options for short hair are quite limited. While the long tresses can be decked up in various glamorous braids and buns, short hair has a narrow repertoire of looks. Leaving your short hair open and parted is a not so cool idea every time. All you women out there with short locks are looking for some incredible inspiration for styling short hair. Whether you have to attend a wedding or a prom looking good in shorter hair is very important. The updo hairstyles offer an extensive array of styles for short hair. Curl them, cut them, or tie them short hair will rock any occasion now on!

Check out some awesome short hair updo ideas below. We bet you’ll be the show stopper of the event!!

Twisted Braids And Rolled-Up Ends

The sleek lustrous tresses can be twisted along the face line back to the nape and roll up the end inside for a lovely makeover. Secure the ends tightly with bobby pins to prevent strands from tucking out.

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Cute Mini Braids For Short Hair

Miranda Kerr in her ultra-short hair updo looks stunning. Get inspired from her style and adapt to those cute little braids pulled back into a tiny ponytail.

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Creative Hair Updo For Natural Curly Hair

When you have extremely curly hair and keeping them long is not manageable, try this creative hairstyle. Trim your curls short, keep all your pins aside, choose a few headbands to pull your hair into a visual updo for a practical and smart appeal.

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Awe-Worthy Ballerina Bun For Glam Touch

Wrapping your short hair into a ballerina bun is a challenge for the hairstylist. Emma Watson pulls of the chic look with this awe-worthy updo. The flyaways that slide off the grip will add a playful vibe to your glamorous looks.

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Double Top Knot Updo Hairstyle For Short Hair

Double top knot hairdo is a stunning hairstyle shoulder length hair. Center-part your tresses and slide them back into two high ponies. Now tie them into double knot buns for a chic appeal. Introduce frontal bangs or face-framing curls to enhance your looks.

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Prom Hairstyles With Braids For Shot Wavy Hair

Pull of a sexy look with reverse French braids for short wavy hair. The brown strands with blonde highlights give a remarkable touch to your personality. This hairdo is ideal for prom nights or parties.

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Beautiful Woven Curls For Classy Look

Dark cinnamon colored tresses curled up into a woven hairstyle like this pulls off a classy look. Since we are talking about short hair updos this is the best hairstyle to follow.

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Messy Ponytail Hairstyle For Blonde Hair

Gorgeous blonde hair with darker roots is given a messy back-to-school touch. The high ponytail with a front pouf looks smart and comprehensive. The messy flyaways adds to the playful look.

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Look plush and classy with these cute short hair updo styles! Trendy bangs and stylish updo is all you need to create a stylish makeover!!

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