Only 98 days remain to the start of US Presidential Elections, one of the most talked about elections in the world. This election matters not only to American people but also to people all over the world. America’s large market, economic influence, huge influence in international affairs and many other factors make US the talking point all over the world.

Throughout this whole election campaign, we heard some most controversial agendas like banning illegal immigrants, building a great wall on the US-Mexico border and completely banning all Muslim immigrants. Well, these things are very easily said than done. Gone are the days when US was on the world’s driving seat and was considered to be the only superpower in the world after the dissolution of Soviet Union. In the present day, US has to work things out with its allies before taking any extreme measures.

What if the agendas like building a great wall at US-MEXICO border, anti-immigrants and anti-Muslims becomes a reality? Is America ready for this? Let us walk you through some facts to answer these questions.

Anti-immigrants Issue

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US was built by Native American people, but it is the sweat and enterprise of the immigrants which makes the country going. It is by far the greatest country for international immigrants, adding a million legal immigrants to its population every year. Approximately 6 lakh illegal immigrants are reported in USA every year. They supply the country with labor and skills and also bring investment. America’s own ageing population is greatly supported by the revenues and taxes of these immigrants.

Are White people becoming a minority?

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White people becoming minority is not true right now, but it will be after some time. The percentage of non-Hispanic white people in the US population has reached an all-time low of 63%. They still constitute approximately 200 million white people out of 320 million Americans, in what is described as the browning of America.

In 1980 Whites were 80% of the population in America, in 2000 it became 69%. In 2043 it is estimated that white people will be a minority. With the anti-immigration agenda this estimation can only be delayed, but it will happen sooner or later.

According to economists, America will be crippled without immigration.

Anti-Muslim Agenda

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There are approximately 2.75 million Muslims in US, of which 63% are immigrants. Keeping out terrorist is the goal which everybody agrees with, but banning immigrants is not at all the same thing.

Minorities are reaching majorities

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52% of the illegal immigrants in USA are from Mexico, thus the question of building a wall arises. As of now there are already four states where minorities are in a majority, including California and Texas, two of the bigger states. In nine other states, including New York, New jersey and Florida non-resident Hispanic white residents have fallen below 60%. So building a wall or any measure inconvenient to the immigrants will only cause further division in the country.

We wonder how anti immigration policies are going to really help this great economy and will this great nation sustain without the skilled labour from outside US?

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