#Valentine’s Day – How to Make this Valentine Day a Special One!

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The season of love is here and what better than Valentine’s day to express your love to your loved one. This day gives you a very good opportunity to make the day special for your loved one and fortunately, this Valentine’s Day falls on a  Sunday. Yaayyy… rejoice, people. But are you stuck as to what to gift your loved one and also want to buy something that is not heavy on your pocket and also makes your day memorable. So here you go, we will help you with a few ideas…


First things first. Send a sweet, short and maybe a naughty SMS  to your partner. Tell your partner about a lunch date that you have fixed at noon near his or her residence.

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Lunch date

Dress yourself in a smart denim and white shirt (trust us your girl will loath over your look) or girls can dress up in a white shirt and denim or some fun dress. Make sure you take them to the favourite restaurant. Order some food and enjoy some flirting moments just like your first date. Look into your partner’s eyes as you speak, and with a tinge of a mischievous look in your eyes, let them keep guessing what’s special in store for the evening. As the lunch gets over hand over your partner a special personalized card. In the card jot down special memories of you two on the card. Let your partner revisit all those memories.

Place setting with pinky rose in white background.

Evening surprise

As evening arrives drop in a text to your date that you will pick them up at 8 pm. Arrive on time. Take your partner to a your building terrace and set up a table for two. You matt even set up a tent there and enjoy the weather. Set some soft music if she is a music lover. Or you can simply gaze at the stars and enjoy your evening. Serve some delicious home cooked meal and let the time flows you two enjoy a perfect setting together.


So let the cupid work its magic on you and get set to make some beautiful memories with your partner that you can cherish for a lifetime.

Here we have made a special video for you all, do have a look and fall in love this Valentine’s Day:

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