Pour Home Air Freshener Gel

Vanesa Pour Home Air Freshener Gel For Invigorating Room Fragrances

Pour Home Air Freshener Gel




Our homes are exposed to many odours every day. We can have the foul smells coming from the kitchen, shoe racks, damp clothes and more. Who loves to enter a stinking house? Irk!!

Now think of getting rid of these odours with a refreshing aromatic room freshener!

Delighted, aren’t you?

If you are looking for good room fresheners your search ends here. In this post, Stylewhack introduces you to the new Pour Home Air Freshener Gel range by Vanesa Care.

Room fresheners help to uplift the mood and add positivity to the environment. The Pour Home Air Freshener Gel has invigorating fragrances that will mesmerize your senses. This gel is formulated with 3 in 1 Natural Aroma Diffusion (N.A.D.) Technology that refreshes your room with natural fragrances for up to 30 days.

Pour Home Air Freshener Gel

Stylewhack presents the review of Pour Home Air Freshener Gel below. Read on.

Brand Name: Vanesa

Product: Pour Home Air Freshener Gel

Packaging: White aroma diffuser

Price: ₹ 75 for 70 g


  • The Pour Home Air Freshener Gel is a blend of natural fragrances and gelling agents which refreshes the ambience and enhances the atmosphere.
  • The room freshener provides long-lasting and instant aroma for about 30 days.
  • For all those who love your rooms scented, this is the best product you can opt for.
  • The gel is available in two variants – French Flora and Lime Life.
  • French Flora: It rejuvenates and calms your senses with its rich floral fragrances.
  • Lime Life: The succulent scent of lime in this variant is considered as a tangy, natural detox that cleanses the malodors with notes that are hard to ignore.


  • The fragrances lift your mood and brighten the ambience.
  • The air fragrance gel is congruous for all those who like the spaces lit up with the aroma.
  • It comes into a fragrance to suit different individuals.
  • The fragrances deodorize and ventilate the bad odours from your house all day.
  • Pour Home Air Freshener Gel arrives in a petite package that fits in any space.
  • Affordable price.
  • It’s easily available across retail, modern outlets, and e-commerce portals.
  • Doesn’t last for very long as per the claims.

The fascinating and attractive air freshener gel soothes your senses and rejuvenates your mood instantly. Grab your favorite scent now!

Use it and do let us know your thoughts about this product below!

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