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Many events went viral this year in 2016. Some found fun amidst demonetization, some entered weird places playing Pokémon Go and some found fun using filters of certain apps. We present before you another series of #StylewhackRecap2016.

Here is a quick recap of all the events that went viral in 2016-

1. Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai!

Sonam Gupta Bewafa
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Sonam Gupta managed to make everyone laugh amidst a lot of hue and cry that the people created on demonetization. A ten rupee note went viral on which someone wrote “Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai.” Well, all the girls with name Sonam Gupta will be remembered as “Bewafa” by the country now. The social media went crazy as Sonam Gupta was compared to a ten rupee note metaphorically on being so disloyal. We feel for all the girls with name Sonam Gupta!

Read the full article here!

2. Selfie with a New 2000 Rupees Currency Note

Selfie with 2000
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People are struggling after the announcement of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s anomalous policy of demonetization. They have started queueing up outside the banks for the new notes of INR 2000. People started posing and took selfies with the new pink colored crisp note and the pictures went viral and took the internet by storm. Everybody from rich to poor is suffering, but wait, let me take a selfie first!

3. Snapchat Craze

Snapchat Filter
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People went nuts for snapchat. Now, when you go out to a fancy restaurant or a local chaiwala, a story for snapchat has become mandatory. People started using filters like crazy. They became dogs (Filter) for snapchat. Displaying stories, adding filters, adding stickers, sending snaps, chatting and video calling and discovering stories is what snapchat does. The app is a great fun!

Here is a quick guide for the new snapchat users!

4. Got Lost with Pokémon Go

Pokemon Go
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Pokémon Go became an all-night trend and conquered the whole world. It pushed millions of people out into the streets in search for the virtual monster. Pokémon Go was launched in July but lost its users in the mid of august. The players got bored because the developers failed to add some interesting features to keep them interested. The game became more popular than tinder. Some weird things happened like – a teenager discovered a dead body, people used the game to plan robberies and people went to weird locations while playing.

5. The Prisma Effect

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The app turning amateur photos into intricate artwork went viral. The app alters humdrum images into exciting paintings. It is not like the other apps where the image has to go through several filters. Rather, this app recreates the whole image into an interesting painting at once. The popularity of this app grew and engaged several users to transform their images and post on social media.

Here are some Challenges that went viral in 2016 –

1. Mannequin Challenge

Mannequin Challenge
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The whole of India went crazy over the mannequin challenge and everybody from common man to celebrities, went on trying the challenge. People started capturing their moods connected with demonetization policy. Also, the challenge got trendy at Indian weddings as well.

Watch the video of Mannequin Challenge here –

2. Beat Pe Booty Challenge

Beat pe Booty Challenge
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The song from the film ‘A Flying Jatt’ went viral and the makers in order to promote the film, challenged the Bollywood stars to shake their booties. Many celebrities accepted the challenge where they shook their booties by releasing the videos and challenged other stars thereafter. The challenge took the internet by storm and went so viral that everybody from celebrities to commoners started accepting the challenge and posted videos.

3. Kaala Chashma Challenge

Kala Chasma Challenge
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After the Beat pe booty challenge, Internet was flooded with the videos of Kaala Chashma, song from the film ‘Baar Baar Dekho’, where the people showcased their swag and challenged each other. The challenged was accepted by the Bollywood celebrities and commoners, making it a viral.

 4. Black and White Photo Challenge

black and white challenge
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It was just a random game started to showcase the black and white images and tag other friends who would further upload their images within 24 hours. The challenge gained a lot of popularity and got viral.

5. Quote Challenge

Quote Challenge
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Quote Challenge gained quite a huge popularity on Facebook where one would post a quote every day for 7 days and nominate another friend to post whatever quotes they liked for a same period of time. The game got viral and attracted many Facebook users.

These were some of the events that attracted people in 2016. What was your most engaging viral event of 2016 for you? Tell us in comments below.

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