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Time passes by, players come and go, the cricket world moves on, but what is remembered in this world are always -The Legends of the Game. Some are given the legend tag after they retire and some are given while they are playing the game. Virat Kohli is one such cricketer who has been given the legend tag now itself. He has been one of the finest cricketers of the modern era. He is just climbing high and high with every game. Virat Kohli is just playing every game by a resolution to be the best in the world and while fulfilling this resolution, he has created a huge revolution which the world is witnessing now.

Virat Kohli, from being an under-19 world cup winning Captain to being a full time Indian Captain – 

Virat Kohli
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He has been a supreme leader ever since he was part of the under-19 team and led the team from front to guide them to a glorious World Cup win in 2008. There was no looking back for him after this grand win and he just got better with time to become one of the greatest glories of Indian Cricket after the greats like Sachin Tendulkar, whom the country could rejoice and celebrate.  He is now the full time captain of the National Team across all formats and is setting high trends with every game which would be tough for other cricketers to match with.

A legendary run machine hungry for more

Virat Kohli Captain
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In his career so far, Kohli has shown India and the rest of the world that what a vital team player he is. He is a proven match winner which can be seen in his two of the best ODI knocks– the 133* (86) against Sri Lanka in Hobart and the 183 (148) against Pakistan in Mirpur. His master performance in the T-20 world cup which was held in India in 2016, shows he is undoubtedly a Legend for many of the cricket experts and fans.

All of this makes me wonder, what Kohli is capable of achieving by the time he hangs up his boots 10 years from now; the possibilities are endless.

This man surely can be termed as a legendary run machine in making.

Here are some tweets by some great personalities who applauded Virat Kohli’s game and his achievements –


Virat has been an icon for the young generation. He has just revolutionized not only his game but also his fitness and the brand value he carries in today’s time. We hope he raises the bar every time he steps on the cricket field. We salute him for his achievements and for being the kind of personality he is.

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