DIY : How To Make Vitamin C Serum With Tablets For Healthy Skin

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Ever wanted to try vitamin C serum to get a young and healthy skin. Don’t worry, we are not talking about the expensive and branded ones that are going to cost you a lot. But have you ever thought that you can actually make the serum at home all by yourself? Yes, you can use some really simple steps and easily available ingredients. But before all those things, we should actually need to know a bit about the Vit c serum and its benefits, so here we go.

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What is Serum?

A serum is an amber-colored, protein-rich liquid which separates out when blood coagulates. Vitamin C (also known as ascorbic acid) is the Beyoncé of skin care—it can do a lot of things flawlessly. It’s an antioxidant. It helps reduce and prevent fine lines and wrinkles. It boosts collagen production.
Vitamin C serum thus undoubtedly has so many benefits, so do look at these benefits.

Uses Of Serum

Natural vitamin c serum or a homemade Vitamin C serum works wonders on your skin and you can’t just simply ignore the benefits that your skin will be getting through this serum. Many of us might really be having a question in our mind that does vitamin c serum really work? If you also have this question in your mind. Then definitely go through these wonderful benefits of vitamin c serum.

Take a look at some of the amazing skincare benefits that you are going to experience once you start adding this serum to your skincare routine.

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1. It Works

Serums contain the highest concentration of active ingredients that you can purchase or get without the need for any kind of prescription. These are fillers and not killers. When we think and try to know a bit, cleansers and moisturizers contain just about 5-10 % of active ingredients while serums contain about 70 % of active ingredients. This means the active ingredients present in the serums will help your skin in getting an even tone. Serums even help you in reducing the fine lines and dark spots.

2. No Fillers

If you think your skin is very sensitive and is more prone to breakouts, then you must definitely be taking care by avoiding cheap occlusive agents. Serums are more like delivery systems and all they do is a simple delivery thing. They take the active ingredients present in them that are the peptides, stem cells, vitamins and beneficial minerals. Serums take these ingredients and help in delivering them deep down under the skin. These may thus help your skin being potent and pure as well.

3. Fewer Breakouts

Is vitamin c serum good for acne? This is probably the question that is juggling in many people’s head and if your head is one of it. Then stay tension free as this serum is watery consistency and unlike many other moisturizers it is not oil based. This means serums absorb very quickly into your skin without any kind of breakout.

4. No Oil Complexion

Many of the people who suffer from the oily skin problem end up making their problem even problematic by trying some various things like using moisturizers and all. Serums work magic on your skin as they help you in keeping your skin hydrated. So, your sebaceous glands won’t be bothered about producing sebum. This makes your skin less oily.

5. Save Money

It may sound weird to you. But there is a logic behind this subheading and I am going to explain to you. You might be thinking that how can be going with serums be a money saving idea. Yes, it is a wise money investment as it will help you and save you from wasting your money on various other multiple skin care products that you might not be satisfied with. So, choose the perfect serum for your skin.

How long does it take for vitamin c to work on skin?

When you add Vit C serum to your skin care routine, you will start seeing some noticeable changes and improvements in your skin. It usually takes about three weeks for the serum to take full effect but it also depends upon the skin type.

How often to use vitamin c serum, vitamin c serum benefits?

The best way to use a topical vitamin C is to simply apply a small amount of it once or twice a day (depending on your skin type) to clean dry skin. It should be applied before you begin applying your makeup (give it time to dry), but after you use your daily facial toner (should you choose to use one).

How to make vitamin c serum with tablets?

This is probably the most searched thing by the skin care enthusiasts and after knowing the above-mentioned benefits of Vit C serum, then you must also be looking for the DIY vitamin c serum with tablets. So, here we present you the process with simple steps.

Homemade vitamin c cream and serums are ultimate for skin care and you will definitely need to start using this serum to experience it.

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  • Vitamin C powder – ½ tablespoon
  • Vitamin E gel – 1 capsule
  • Vegetable glycerine – 2 tablespoons
  • Pure rose water or distilled water – 1 teaspoon


  • Pour distilled water or pure rose water into a small mixing bowl. Then add pure natural vitamin C powder into it. Let it dissolve completely in the water. You may also stir with a spoon to make the process fast. Once the liquid mixture is ready, take it into the dropper bottle carefully
  • Now add vegetable glycerine into the bottle
  • Also, pierce the Vitamin E capsule gel and empty its contents into the bottle
  • Now close the lid of the bottle and shake it vigorously so that all the contents in it mix pretty well and make a fine serum
  • That is it, the process is done, you can just store the bottle in a cool dark place. The vegetable glycerine makes the serum long for almost a month

We hope and wish you have learnt pretty much about the serum and its various benefits. Homemade vitamin c serum reviews aren’t needed, so juts give it a try and share with us your vitamin c serum before and after photos.

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