Oshea Mesmeric Long Lashes Mascara

Volumize Long Lashes and Beautiful Eyes with Oshea’s Mesmeric Mascara

Oshea Mesmeric Long Lashes Mascara

₹395 for 6ml


Ladies, once again Oshea have come up with a mesmerising product for us-  Mesmeric Long Lash Mascara to embellish the eyelashes. This mascara is deep Black in colour especially to bring out and highlight the eyes. This Long Lash Mascara flawlessly volumizes the eyelashes and enhances the beauty of your eyes with its intense colour.

The Oshea Colors Long Lash Mascara highlights on enthralling eyes with its advantages of having a better brush for more definite details. In just a single stroke, this mascara makes your eyes party-ready and is absolutely suitable for daily use. Its deep black colour formula is very lightweight making it greatly appreciated by us.

This mascara is majorly made with permitted colours, water and Bees Wax. This mascara promises a stunning finish and glitz to the lashes. Beeswax maintains your mascaras and eyelashes moisture for a longer period of time. Water hydrates your eyelashes and not let your mascara to become dry and flakey. The best part is the colours used are of supreme quality and do not harm your eyes or lashes.

The Oshea Colors Mesmeric Long Lash Mascara comes in Rose Gold and a Black Packaging which is very appealing and attractive. It is available for Rs. 395 for 6 ml and is available all across retail, modern outlets and e-commerce portals.

Stylewhack presents the review of Oshea’s Mesmeric Mascara below. 

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Brand Name: Oshea

Product: Mesmeric Mascara

Price: ₹395 for 6ml


  • This Long Lash Mascara has a fine brush which volumizes the eyelashes and helps to cover up fine details.
  • Beeswax in this mascara nourishes your eyelashes and doesn’t make your mascara flakey or dried out even after applying it for a long time.
  • Water hydrates your eyelashes and keeps them moist. Hence even after you remove the mascara you won’t find your eyelashes dehydrated.
  • The deep-black colour is not harmful to your eyes and lashes as the colour is certified and permitted.
  • Another plus point of this colour is this mascara is the formula used is lightweight.


Oshea’s Mesmeric Mascara is an excellent black long-lasting mascara. The black colour is not only certified and permitted but also made by using lightweight formula.

After application mascara adds volumes to your eyelashes and you may not find the need to use fake eyelashes. Oshea’s Mesmeric 

Mascara contains mainly beeswax and water which combinedly adds moistures to your lashes and do not give “dry-mascara” look. Also, beeswax and water are excellent moisturisers for your eyelashes which keeps them hydrated.

Although you have to thoroughly dry it after application, as it takes some time to dry and hence eliminate the possibility of smudging. The mascara brush is easy to apply. Oshea’s Mesmeric Mascara will truly glam up your eyes in just a stroke.

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