Sunday, the most dreaded day of the week. The toddler does not have her preschool, and the maid takes a holiday. So that means that there is no buffer zone between me and my child. Its just us the entire freaking day. And of course the husband. The husband generally takes responsibility of the toddler on Sundays as a pre-specified standing appointment from 3 pm to 9 pm. But most of the times my mommy guilt, supremely and subtly added on by husband dearest, makes me not make any of my own plans and stay with the family.
Sundays usually go quite ok till around 4 pm. Till then its just the normal routine. But then it strikes 4 pm and after that my husband and me are just counting every minute till the time the toddler has finally had her share of ruling over our lives and eventually decides to call it a day and plonk off on the bed. But that gives us almost 6 hours before that happens.

ToddlerExactly at the seventh minute, the toddler starts to ask me to carry her.

We are still in the by lane. I start making up jumping and running games for her to get excited about. The little angel is fooled and starts enjoying the walk again. 2 more minutes pass and now we are on the main road. I feel that ok, by this kind of distraction we should be able to complete the walk nicely.

Toddler cryingI try talking to her, pacifying her, pleading to her, threatening her (I did not want to yell too much as it would add onto the image of a toddler being in the company of strangers or completely evil people rather than her parents).

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Nothing works. She has gone into her own zone. Now even my ego is totally at stake. She wants to be carried. And I refuse to carry her.
She then pulls out the big guns and sits down right at the side of the street, screeching,  looking at me, taunting me, the evil glint of victory visible through the tears in her eyes.
ToddlerI hug her. She tries to push me. I hug her harder, and try wiping her eyes. Finally she realizes that I am not getting up and giving in. So she relents and hugs me back. Her screams come down.
We are still sitting down on the road, hugging, crying, and looking around.
Finally she is totally calm. She gets up and tells me to get up too.

The husband magically appears from nowhere.
All 3 of us again hold hands and continue with our walk, as if nothing has happened. The rest of the walk is actually a joyful experience.
And this is how we spent an hour of our stressful Sunday on a walk round the block

Motherhood lessons learnt:
1) Be firm on your rules, but gentle.
2) Sometimes the best way out, is to embrace the madness.
3) And sometimes just sitting down at the side of the road, not caring about others, crying your heart out, is just the kind of medicine one needs.

Juilee Desai - Creative Scribbler - Juilee is MBA by education, entrepreneur by marriage, cake designer in her past, accountant by profession and a blogger by passion. Mommy to an adorable 2 year old devil, Juilee is trying to simplify life and trying to appreciate the beautiful nuances of life.


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