The Warning Signs That Show Your Body Is Water Deficient

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The percentage of water in a person’s body should make up to two-thirds of your body weight. The amount of water in a person’s body is thus an important thing that a person cannot survive without water for than a few days. Each and every organ in a human’s body depends on water and thus it plays a crucial role in the working of a human body. You should have sufficient amounts of water to be healthy. But if you haven’t had the sufficient amount of water, then your body will show some water deficient signs that you should not ignore at all.

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Water Deficient Body Shows You These Signs

Bad Breath

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One of the major and prominent signs that your body warns you if it is water deficient is that your mouth will become dry as your body produces less saliva because of the lack of water to your body. Reduced production of saliva will increase the growth of bacteria in the mouth, thus making it smell foul. Water helps in keeping the mucous membrane moist, thus preventing the dry mouth and avoiding the bad breath, stinky smell from your mouth.

So you don’t have to spend high amounts of money for getting rid of this foul smell, just stay hydrated.


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This is one of the other most possible signs that your body warns you if it is water deficient. Headaches, lightheadedness are among many signs that you may get to witness to your dehydrated body. Dehydration decreases the flow of oxygen in the body and flow of blood to the brain. So, when you feel this sign, try drinking a glass of water instead of grabbing a pill which will help you a lot.

Digestive Problems

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The water works as a lubricant for the digestive system. Water also helps the digestive tract clean and flexible. Sufficient amount of water in your body keeps the bowel movements regular and thus prevents constipation. Lack of water content in your body can also cause various other problems like indigestion and heartburn.

Urinary Problems

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It is also one of the main signs that your body shows you if your body is facing the water deficiency issue. A proper and healthy amount of water intake results in regular urination. A healthy person should be urinating at least four to seven times a day. An irregular urine or a discoloured urine can be a sign of a problem.

Dizzy Feeling

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Reduced intake of water can also show the sign of dizziness in your body. Most of our blood contains water content, so dehydration causes low blood pressure and the dizzy feeling is a feeling when you happen to feel during a drop in the blood pressure. Taking sufficient amounts of water can make you feel better.

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Don’t ignore your body when it shows you these kinds of signs, give it sufficient amount of water.

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