Wayanad – A Beautiful And Perfect Long Weekend Get Away

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Our generation has identified the best motto of life that is Earn, Save and Travel. Yes, nowadays everyone has thirst to travel and explore world and find new yourself.

Here we present one of the best places for a long weekend trip, Wayanad. Wayanad is other part of Coorg which comes under Kerala. Wayanad is one beautiful plan with scenic beauty and some really interesting places to visit.

If you love trekking, visiting some ancient places with high historic values, then Wayanad is one place to be.

Here are some handpicked places to visit apart from normal site seeing in Wayanad:

Chembra Peak

Chembra peak is 6890 ft above sea level, you need to take forest officials permission to do the trekking. The whole trek is of 2-3 hours and route to the peak is mesmerizing and scenic. There is a beautiful heart shape lake at top of the peak, it is said that it has never dried.


Wayanad - Chembra Peak
Beauty on top of Chembra Peak!
Wayanad - Heart Shape lake
Heart Shape Lake – At top of Chembra Peak Wayanad

Edakkal Caves

Ever wondered how were our ancestors? How they lived? What was their life about? If you want to know answers to these questions, you need to visit places where they have left their marks. Once such place is Edakkal caves. It is located in Ambukuthi hills in Wayanad, it is considered as place of initial habitation. You will find ancient scripts craving where human figures, bows, knives, wheels, and many more things are drawn. These type of carving are seen only in few places one is India and other is Stiriya in the European Alps and some places in Africa.

This place is called as Edakkal which means  “a stone in between”. In this cave you can see a huge rock is stuck between other rocks. It is believed that this formation was formed by split of huge rock.

Wayanad Trip
Various drawing can be identified on rocks!
Wayanad - A Beautiful And Perfect Long Weekend Get Away 2
Edakkal – “a stone in between”
Wayanad trip A
Script which is craved on stones

Kuruvadweep (Kalpetta)

Meenmutty Falls (Kalpetta)

Pookot Lake (Kalpetta)


Nature & Wildlife Tours (Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary)

This is view is real and you can get to see while travelling through roads of Wayanad. Muthanga Wildlife sanctuary is in protected area network in Nagarhole and Bandipur. It is rich in bio-diversity.

Wildlife Sanctuary Elephant
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