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As girls we all have had to put up with different kinds of clothes. From sweeping lehengas to restricting sarees, the list is pretty interesting. But the one that beats it all is our Bollywood’s favourite – the Dupatta. Be it as a school uniform, wearing it for parties or just to flaunt your Desi avtar, it is a versatile thing. Like it or not, there are a few things that are complimentary with wearing a dupatta. Here are the dupatta diaries which girls can relate to!

How should I wear it?

Should I put it around my neck? Or shall I just hang on one of my shoulders? Do I look like a hanger? Can I just make a turban out of it? Oh wait, can I just not wear it?

dupatta 1

Campaigning for Swachh Bharat Abhiyan?

All of us have had our dupatta’s sweeping dirty floors and roads almost every time we wear it until someone comes and shouts, “behenji apna dupatta sambhaalo”!

dupatta 2

Am I exposing anything?

Sometimes your dupatta decides to go naughty and all you can think about while adjusting it is ‘My cleavage will pop up and this dupatta is doing nothing to save my izzat’.

dupatta 3

The compliments and subsequent blushing

You will invariably have many compliments that come your way which will include men who say, “wow! Such a desi kudi”, which will then have you blushing crimson and hiding under your, well, dupatta!

dupatta 4

When your dupatta goes Bollywood

Sometimes your dupatta loves to show-off and hence it will just fly away like it’s in a Karan Johar movie, all set to captivate the hero!

dupatta 6

When it gets stuck while you are walking

Remember that time you felt Hrithik Roshan was pulling you with your dupatta? Also remember when you turned to smile at him you found your dupatta was actually just stuck to an iron nail? Yeah, we feel you girl!

dupatta 7

That sexy feeling!

Say what you may, you cannot deny that nice, sexy feeling which comes to you when you are walking, the wind blows and your heart sings ‘hawa mein udta jaaye mera lal dupatta’.

dupatta 5

Is your dupatta nau rang da???

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