Last week was a kind of gastronomic experimentation for me with a lot of seafood. Though I am born and brought up in Pune, India my roots are from Karwar ( a small beautiful coastal place on the borders of Goa and Karnataka). My parents come from Karwar and it is my native place. So there is this coastal soul inside me which loves the beaches and adores seafood 🙂

Friday night, Sujoy was out with his first love i.e. football and I was with my second love i.e. food :P. Or maybe my second love is books. There is a slight conflict for the second place. But my first love will always be the same. For the record my first love is Sujoy :).

I had gone out with my friends for dinner. More than the food, the ambience was lovely. It was a restaurant on the docks and we could see the Jupiter Light House from where we were seated for dinner. It is a place called U Tiki Beach which serves Caribbean food with a lot of seafood variety.


Lobster Delight

Now the coastal freak that I am, I had a Maine Lobster Roll which obviously came with the quintessential American french fries. French fries seem to never leave any cuisine in the US! The lobster was good, but the preparation was mediocre. Blame the Indian taste buds I am accustomed to, the filling was a little bland for my taste. But yes, I did enjoy the lobster. I nibbled at the roll a little and then got half of it boxed 😛


It was a nice evening spent with friends, good ambience and fine food.

Vietnamese Seafood Experimentation

The gastronomic seafood treat just did not end here. The next day we went out to experiment a new cuisine and that was Vietnamese. The food was very different from what we expected and it was in HUGE quantities. Sujoy and me both went for the hot pot. Sujoy took Pho Ga Dac Biet which essentially was a soup with chicken breast, chicken meatball, egg and rice noodles. I opted for Seafood Noodle Soup which was a egg noodle soup served with a galore of sea fish viz. shrimp, cuttlefish, imitation crab, squid and scallop.

When the pots came, Sujoy and me were taken back with the size of the servings. As we started eating, Sujoy commented “I will let you write your blog this week only if you finish the Vietnamese food”. I skeptically looked at my bowl, but cooly replied “Sure! Only if you finish yours, I will abide by what you say.”

You guys are reading this blog now, so you know who won 😉 Trust me, the serving was mammoth.

seafood-vietnameseimg_20151003_200307014The soup was very tasty with all the blending tastes. It was hot too, would have been perfect for Minnesota weather ;). The Vietnamese was good for one trial, we doubt if we will go again. We had loved our Lebanese experiment, but Vietnamese was not that much fun.

So yes, the last week was an overdose of seafood for me.

On another note, I wanted to mention that I am still pursuing my swimming stint and I just cannot take my hands off my crochet needle and yarn. It is just a reminder to me that I am still learning and growing each day with all the new ventures I have taken up till now this year.

Slowly letting go off my fears!


Crochet is addictive!
Crochet is addictive!

What adventure are you enjoying currently?

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