52 Weeks of Adventure: Week 42: Halloween Fever


Halloween is here and our neighbourhood is getting spooky day by day. Halloween is actually celebrated to remember the dead – the saints, the martyrs and the faithful departed believers. In the US it is celebrated by trick or treating, carving pumpkins and costume parties. I was on a look out this week to everything related to Halloween and I did grab a few photographs of the same.

Pumpkins are there everywhere now. Special farm events, all major grocery chains setting up a separate counter for pumpkins and not to forget your local market. Pumpkins in all size and shapes.

Such big pumpkins!
Such big pumpkins!

Now let us see all the decoration items we have on the counters at various shops. Michaels was oozing with festive decorations while Publix had the more spookier stuff. Hotel Transylvania characters seem to be making rounds in almost all shops. Here are a few of the Halloween decorations.

  Halloween is not about spooky stuff but a few cute things too

Halloween is not about spooky stuff but a few cute things too
And the scary stuff!
And the scary stuff!

The best part till now has been my neighbourhood. The houses nearby are getting dressed and I just could not ignore the creativity and fervor of some enthusiasts. So much intricate work to decorate homes. I am stumped.

Red Scary Hands


Halloween is here and I can feel the chills already. I am thinking of carving a pumpkin. Maybe my next adventure is about the pumpkin carving or maybe it is about our fall trip to Smoky Mountains! Stay tuned to find out!



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