This week was the time for the enchanting fall colors we immersed ourselves at Smoky Mountains! We took a road trip from Florida to Tennessee, covering 1677 miles and making our way through 5 states including Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee and South Carolina. It was a fun road trip with some very talkative friends 😉

We started seeing the fall colors in Atlanta itself and it was just mesmerizing! If you stay in a place where there is summer all round the year (also known as Florida), you will understand how magical we felt after looking at the outstanding fall colors. The pinks, reds, oranges, yellows and few greens painted the perfect canvas! We started clicking pictures from Atlanta itself!

Can you see the hint of colors behind me?
Can you see the hint of colors behind me?

It was starting to get cold too and hence we could use all our warm clothing which usually is stacked in the store room in Florida. It was the right time to flaunt the beanie and scarf crocheted by me 🙂

dsc_0100-r1The moment we reached the Smoky Mountains National Park, the landscapes started getting prettier with water bodies in between and curvy roads towards the top. We went to the highest point on the Smoky Mountains called the Clingmans Dome. It was chilling up there, but the view was breathtaking. Clouds were floating around and the view below gave me goosebumps. Nature never fails to surprise me! 🙂

dsc_0266-r1We did some really weird stuff too! We took pictures in between roads where cars were commuting on full throttle. We kept watchers on both sides of the road to warn the photographer and the muse to let them know when the car was coming. It was funny sometimes, when all was set and suddenly everyone was running berserk on the advent of an incoming car! Nevertheless we managed to click some lovely photos on the roads!

Fall colorsOne of the nights we went to Gatlinburg Downtown and had some fun strolling on the busy streets and eating some yummy food. The Downtown as expected was bustling with tourists and had some real fun stuff to keep anyone engaged.

The cabin in which we were put up was pretty cool with a fireplace in the hall, a pool table and an awesome view outside. It was also on the mountains and the serene silence up there was eerie at nights. We had fun in the cabin with incessant talks and of course game of Uno and Judgement. So many stories to take back home 🙂

dsc_0550-r1As the day of our departure arrived, all of us were heavy hearted and we didn’t want to let go off this nature’s heaven. I kept on going back to all the colors and dwelled on the harmony I experienced at the Smoky Mountains! It was the best trip ever for me so far from all the places we have seen in the US in the past 2 years. The second best being Niagara Falls!

Can’t wait to for our next road trip now! Need to plan soon 🙂


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