Thanksgiving Dinner

As I mentioned last week, I am staying put on my festive mood and hence this week for the very first time we had a Thanksgiving Dinner. No, it wasn’t a big affair but just me and Sujoy with some good cooked home food. We have been here in US for 2 years now, but this was our first time of celebrating Thanksgiving in the true spirit. At the dinner table, both of us detailed out all the small and big things we are really grateful in our life. Trust me, it wasn’t such a serious affair as I realized the kind of things guys are thankful are sometimes may seem hilarious! Sorry, no judging! I as usual was the sentimental fool blurting out even the minutest thing which makes me feel grateful. After my speech, Sujoy almost said ‘I am thankful that her speech finally got over!’ 🙂

mainWe had a hearty meal later laughing away at all the craziness!!

The next big mission was the Black Friday shopping. Actually no, it wasn’t a big mission this year as we had decided not to fall prey to all the sale frenzy and buy just what is really needed. But guess what? We started with placing our orders online on Amazon and then headed out on Thursday night to Macy’s. We bought 2 things which were not listed in our wish list at Macy’s that day. That is not all. We went to City Place the next day where we were supposed to go to just one shop. And we ended up going to 3 instead and buying stuff at these 3 outlets. If you thought we stopped at this, then you really underestimate us! We went for lunch at Indus Herbal and then realized the big mall called Palm Beach Outlets is just opposite to this restaurant. By now, you know us! So yes, we went to this mall too and fortunately shopped at just one shop in the entire mall. After that we decided, it was too much of spending now and we need to return back to the safety of our home where no discount deals can lure us!

black-fridayI don’t have to tell you that my stuff outnumbered Sujoy’s stuff by many folds. I don’t shop much actually but it seems the Black Friday bug bit me hard this time!

Black FridayI have told Sujoy, I am done with my shopping quota and I won’t be shopping for a year now! Let’s see how true I stick to my words 😛

I hope you also had a wonderful time this holiday season 🙂

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