52 Weeks of Adventure: Week 50 – Festivities with Holiday Parade


Last week we went to the Delray Beach holiday parade organized by the Delray Beach Parks and Recreation. Delray beach is one of the top ten best holiday decoration places and it was a pleasure watching the Holiday Parade.

It was our first time watching a holiday parade so we were not very sure what to expect. But we were not disappointed at all. There was so much extravaganza and some extraordinary performances from talented school kids. There were a lot of participants in the parade consisting of various schools, academies, government offices, hospitals, libraries and corporate organizations.

Here are a few photographs of the Holiday Parade –


This was a band by high school students and we were amazed at the synchronization in tunes as well as the walking. The students looked upbeat and seemed that they had practised well.


The art work of the dragon and the lights just stole our hearts away. The fiery red color was so bright in the dark and the lights added to the festive look and feel.

Holiday Parade 2

The Parade is a great platform for local companies to advertise their brand. A lot of freebies were provided during this event. This one truck is an example of local advertising.

Holiday Parade 1

The Star Trek figures up there were an instant hit amidst the crowd. There was a lot of cheering and hauling when this truck arrived. It was good to see so much energy in the crowd enjoying their heart out.

There is so much talent in the young ones around. And I still cannot shake my legs in sync! I was inspired being in audience at this parade. Great event indeed!

Just 2 more weeks to go and the week 52 adventure which will mark the end of an epic year is going to be BIG. So stay tuned!


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