Week 9 – Texas Diaries (II)


The Texas diaries weren’t over in one week. Here is the second part of the trip –

Being a child again: The highlight of our trip was meeting Kedar and Ketki, my cousin’s twins. As I mentioned they are 7 years old and we had the time of a lifetime with them!

nephew and niece
My niece and nephew

Kedar is the cool dude of the house. Give him a Lego box and he will be happy. He is least bothered about what is going on around, if he is getting late to school, if he has not done his homework. No, nothing bothers him. The only thing that bothers him is if his Mommy isn’t smiling!

He is a ‘quizzard’ i.e. a quiz wizard. He will ask you math questions and if you give a wrong answer, he will make a cross with his hands and make a noise which indicates it is a wrong answer. He is so smart that he will ask difficult math, check the answer on the calculator, remember that answer and then ask you the question. He can convert anything into a quiz. We had gone to Olive Garden for dinner and this smart fellow converted the kids menu into a quiz and was asking us what will you have? He took quiz to next level.

He has these small small notes pasted all over the house. The kitchen has a note that says ‘Manasi’s Restaurant’ (Manasi is my cousin’s name). Since it was cold, the plants were shifted to one of the bathrooms. Kedar’s note on the bathroom door reads, ‘Please do not enter. PS: You can enter only if you are going to water the plants’. On his room door there is a chit saying, ‘Office timings 6.00 am to 3 pm.’ Kedar and his notes!

He is a negotiator. Ask him to eat anything and he will negotiate the time for it. He will fight for even the minutest minute. He will never do something without negotiating the time. We were playing hide and seek and it was my turn to seek. I counted till 50. Kedar then says count till 75. I thought he needs time to hide. I counted till 75, then he says count till 100. This went till 120. Ketki came out slowly from her hiding place and told me Kedar will not hide now because he is busy building his toy house! Beat that! A 7 year old made me count till 120 when he was not even intending to hide. That is Kedar for you!

Ketki is the sophisticated giggling lady of the house! Oh my God, she giggles more than she breathes. Extremely caring, takes very good care of Kedar. She knows all Kedar’s favorite food and hobbies. We had gone to buy vegetables and she saw a watermelon there. She asked her mother, “Mommy, can we take the watermelon for Kedar?” At 7 years, that is a very rare quality.

She has been born and brought up here and hence she has american accent. I just love the way she says ‘Kedarrrrr’ with rolling Rs in the end. She adores food and eats everything. She draws well and I was lucky enough to get a sketch of mine drawn by here.

She just can’t sit still and we have to play always with her. We played monopoly, hide and seek and another board game. You just can’t sit idle if she is around. And yes, you cannot stop laughing too amidst her incessant giggling. My jaws were paining at the end of our trip.

Ketki swims, learns Kathak, enjoys Bailey and is a great gymnast. She loves to be on her toes always just like her mom.

A sketch of me drawn by Ketki

She asked Sujoy to bend down saying she wanted to say something in his ear. As Sujoy came to her height, she slid a ice piece in his shirt. Naughty miss Ketki! We were playing catch the ball and all Ketki did in those 10 minutes was giggle! 🙂

3 days we became kids and enjoyed being a child again. Laughed till our jaws hurt, played a lot and most important forgot all our adult worries for those days!


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