What you Should Know Before you Vacation in Mexico

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Mexico is a wonderfully vibrant country that really has something for everyone. From it’s beautiful scenery to the friendly locals, Mexico has it all. So, whether you’re looking for places to stay in punta mita or any other part of the country, there are a few things you should know about Mexico before you visit.

Things Should Know Before you Vacation in Mexico

1. It’s Home to More Than 30 UNESCO Sites 

Mexico is full to the brim of historical places in fact, it’s home to 34 UNESCO heritage sites that are all well worth visiting. El Vizcaíno, for example, is an amazing reserve, Michoacán is home to a stunning butterfly reserve, and there are also many ancient ruins that are not to be missed.

Mexico is not just home to some amazing beaches, there is much more to it, so get out there and explore all that it has to offer. Trust me, there’s something for everyone.

2. The Local Dishes are Delicious

While many people will be keen to tuck into some locally made tacos on their vacation, this country has so much more to offer. Mexico is home to some amazing food and each region has its own specialties. In some parts of Mexico, you’ll come across dishes that were inspired by the ancient Mayans that are definitely worth a try.

Rather than sticking to a few nearby restaurants, why not venture out and see what other eateries have to offer? You never know, you may find something you love!

3. Mexico is Safer than you Think 

Mexico is often portrayed as a drug-filled country that people should stay away from, however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. While there are areas that you should avoid, much like in any country around the globe, there are also some very safe areas too. The areas that tend to be safer than other parts of the country are those that are most popular with tourists. Try to stay somewhere where you know they’ll be plenty of tourists around. Do a bit of research and find out where is safe to visit, chances are you’ll have a great vacation that’s one to remember.

4. Wear Garments Made from Cotton and Linen

Mexico is a very hot country, and the weather can potentially be quite uncomfortable if you’re not used to it. One of the best things you can do when the sun is beating down on you is to wear garments that are made from cotton and linen.

Materials such as these help your body to breathe as they allow the sweat your body produces when you’re hot and the heat from your body to pass through them. If you wear clothes such as polyester and many other synthetics you’re likely to feel far too hot as your body heat will be trapped.

5. You Should not Drink Tap Water 

Do what the locals do and avoid drinking Mexican tap water. Many places around the world do not have clean tap water, and Mexico is one of them. If you decide to eat in a restaurant avoid buying drinks that come with ice or simply ask for no ice.

When it comes to brushing your teeth you may want to think about using bottled water as you could become ill by using tap water. Make sure you have plenty of bottled water to hand, especially if you’re outside when the sun is at its hottest.

Having said that, if you’re happy to boil tap water, it should be fine to drink once it’s cooled down.

6. Travelling by Bus is Cheap and Safe

Travelling around Mexico by bus is generally a very cheap and safe way to travel. The first class and executive class buses are usually completely air-conditioned, and they often show movies to passengers who are travelling long distances.

While the second class buses tend to make a few more stops they can be convenient and ideal if you would like to indulge in a spot of sightseeing.

7. You may Land in Cancun or Mexico City 

With more than 34 million people landing at Benito Juárez airport, Mexico city,   just under 17 million people landed in Cancun airport. The airports can be very busy, but they’re usually pretty good too. When you land in either airport just take your time to get around.

Grab your luggage, and make your way to the exit, or stop off for a meal and a bit of rest somewhere. Hives of activity, the airports show you just how popular Mexico is with tourists from all corners of the globe.

8. The Cheapest Times to Visit Mexico

While you may be tempted to visit Mexico when the sun is at its hottest, it’s generally a lot cheaper if you visit in the late spring or early autumn. Accommodation is usually cheaper at these times of the year as are entry tickets to various attractions.

Please note that Hurricane season tends to run between June and October, so you may want to avoid staying near the coast when it hits.

Mexico is a wonderful place to visit, with luxurious hotels and villas, beautiful beaches and friendly locals it’s no wonder tourists visit this part of the world again and again.

Now you know a little bit more about Mexico and what you should and shouldn’t do you know what to expect. Enjoy your time in Mexico and enjoy a vacation you’ll never forget.

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