Whatsapp crash – Here is Solution for crash and white blank screen

Whatapp crash

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Whatsapp recently released an update on 31-May-2016, which was presented for ‘bug fix’. Latest update is leading towards whatsapp crash and creating hassle for frequent users.

Post recent update huge number of people are facing problem of blank screen, access issues. After opening application there is either freeze screen or white blank screen which takes user to home page. Even after reinstalling application issues persists. Users are able to see notification over app icon but unable to access it.

Here is quick fix for blank screen issue and whatsapp crash:

  • Please go to setting/privacy/contacts and disable whatsapp.

  • Access your application now and it should work without any issue.

  • You will not see the favorites list for a while.

  • Later, go back to the setting/privacy/contacts and enable whatsapp. 

Application will work like before and the favorites list will be back too!

Here is step wise guide for iPhone users, please follow same path for android phones as well.

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Whatsapp being one the most used communication application has always come up with Hope this solution resolves issue faced by many individuals who did recent update.

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  1. I see after scanning the article up and down that it is targetted at the iPhone platform. It does not mention which iPhone model or iOS version is relevant.
    Did you know that there are other platforms that run WhatsApp – such as Windows 10 and android?
    What a myopic article!


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