Why every day should be a Valentine’s day!


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A whole week of chocolates, hugs and kisses have culminated into the much awaited, or let’s just say a much-hyped Valentine’s Day. This is the day which people call the day of love. But, really? Do you actually need a day to celebrate love? Here’s why every day needs to be a Valentine’s Day.


Love has no boundaries. And dates.

Yes. Love cannot be defined by dates. Just like love can happen any day, you can also show your love any day. After all, what is love when not expressed every day?

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You don’t fight only on a particular day, right?

Every couple goes through ups and downs. Every relationship has its own shares of bad times. So when there are plenty of days when simple and silly fights happen, why only one day to show some love for your partner?

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Gift showers should pour all throughout!

This one is for those couples who think Valentine’s Day is all about gifting each other. Women love surprises and gifts and it should happen as often as possible. Do not restrict it to just one day!

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Live in the present!

Let’s face it- life is very unpredictable. You never know what may happen and that is exactly why every moment is precious. When it comes to someone you love, don’t be lazy to shower all the love you have because tomorrow is always a mystery.

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Because one day just isn’t enough

All those couples who are true, madly and insanely in love with each other know this one to be true. When you really love and want someone, one day of love isn’t enough. It is a 24*7*365 thing forever!

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Love is a celebration, one that needs to be celebrated for definitely more than just one day! Happy loving!

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