Why ‘India’s Daughter’ shouldn’t be banned


Most of us have watched it; some of us are yet to. People who have watched it have gone through an array of emotions. Once I watched it, I shared it asking all the men to watch it. I had nightmares and couldn’t sleep all night and then I realized that it is not just the men who need to watch the documentary, everybody needs to. Yes, it is saddening, it is frustrating, it is emotional and you might even feel like you don’t want to watch it further. But do it. Watch it, the entire documentary. It is the truth unspoken; it is something we are afraid to face.

Though there are a lot of things in the documentary that can boil your blood, here are some things that refuse to leave my mind. I am not here to explain anything, but there are some questions that need to be heard.



“It takes two hands to clap”

How exactly did she ask for a rape? Did she tell you she wanted it? Did she give any sign that she wanted it? No? Oh well, you just decided you had to rape her because that would be her lesson, right? And why would she need a lesson? Because she was out with a male friend at night. It doesn’t make sense to me. Does it make sense to you?


“A female is just like a flower, soft and pleasant whereas a man is rough and tough”

We are flowers? We are soft and pleasant in performance? Wait, what performance? The fact that we can give birth makes us soft? The fact that a woman can run an entire family single-handedly makes her soft? What exactly is this rough and tough? If a man can force himself upon a woman, that makes him rough and tough? Or do we sense something called ‘she is a woman and she has no right to rise above men’?

“She should just be silent and allow the rape”

Excuse me, can you repeat that? Why should a woman let herself get raped? We are not a ‘thing’ to be ‘done’. We are humans, and we have every right on our body, we have every right to fight against anything that is against our will especially when it comes to our body. No, we will not keep silent and wait till you are done. We will fight with you and probably just kill you too. Because it is our body.


“In our society there is no place for women”

Let me rephrase that for you. In not just an Indian society but in any society, if there is no woman, there is no man. Is it that you don’t have basic knowledge about human reproduction or is it that you choose to ignore it?

Those eyes that show no regret

There are so many other things that can be debated upon in this documentary. But if there is one thing that leaves you frustrated it is that look on the rape accused’s face, those eyes that show no regret, no shame or no emotion. Neither while he narrated the entire tragedy nor when the victim’s injuries were read out to him-not a sign of regret. Which brings us to the unanswered question- what is the point? What is the point in protesting and rallying if no outcome comes out of it? If educated people talk bullshit like this, is there really any hope left for this country?

And that is why this documentary should not be banned. It needs to be seen; people need to realize what is wrong. A woman is a human being. Nobody can decide her status in society; nobody can set limits for her. It is her life and for once, let us give her an opportunity to live and not just survive.

India’s Daughter


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