Why Kangana Ranaut is the real ‘Queen’ of Bollywood


Kangana Ranaut has proved yet again that she indeed can take up any role in a Bollywood movie and turn it into a master piece. With 3 super hits back to back, Kangana indeed is emerging as a versatile and successful actress so much that even the big names of Bollywood like Ranbir Kapoor want to work with her.

Here is Stylewhack’s take on why is Kangana the real ‘Queen’ of Bollywood –

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Girl Next Door Humbleness

Kangana has always been a simple actress with no airs and no paparazzi around her. She has been that straight forward girl from the neighborhood who believes in simple yet meaningful living. She proved this point by avoiding all the award functions this year, where she was receiving critical acclaim for her movie ‘Queen’. Yet she showed her due respect to the National award and was present for the ceremony in classy outfit without the loudness of glamour and razzmatazz.

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Sticking to her Principles

Kangana has been one of the very few actresses who refused to do a fairness cream commercial worth INR 2 crores only because she wanted to drive an important point back home. As the society is progressing, there are still a few ‘expectations’ from a new bride and one of it is being fair. Your skin tone is not in your control and judging someone by their skin tone is the heinous crime anyone can commit. Kangana did her share by this small act, trying to break the outdated society norms.

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Reigning the Male Industry

Bollywood is an industry which is mostly dominated by male actors specially the Khans and the Kapoors. Here is one actress, who comes from a non-film background and yet has set the Bollywood scene on fire by sheer hard work and consistent efforts. She even worked on her diction and pronunciations and today she is a very good orator. All of this, without a Godfather or any favorable connection in the film industry. Kangana indeed is a self-made actress.

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Breaking all Norms

Kangana has been breaking all norms in her latest movies, conveying a solid point across the patriarchal society. She has portrayed roles which are revolutionary and make us rethink regarding all the teachings fed into our mind since childhood. In one of the interviews, she even mentioned that when her father used to hit her as a child she stood against him and did not just silently bear the abuse. She even hasn’t conformed to the ‘normal’ definition of beauty and has been flaunting her natural curls all the while now.

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Impeccable Comedy Timing

Kangana’s comedy timing is just too impeccable and you cannot control yourself from giving out a loud laugh at her perfectly timed jokes and extremely clean expressions. She has proved this time and again in her movies. No one can hold Kangana’s hand when it comes to delivering innocent jokes with a very straight face. Hats off to her sense of humor!

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These are just a few reasons why Kangana is a rocking star in Bollywood and why we can’t thank her enough for bringing such revolution in the film industry. Keep rocking Kangana!








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