Feeling jitters as you turn 30? Feeling as if you have turned a mile stone now? DON’T FRET being 30! Turning 30 is actually awesome. Pat your back that you have survived till now and ponder on the lessons learnt till date.




No More Pretensions

It has been 3 decades now that you know yourself and there is this urge within you to be yourself and no more fake pretentious appearance to please anyone. You have learnt your lesson and you have come to terms the way you are and are happy about it!



Few True Friends

Your friend circle is small and yet it is made up of true friends. Friendships which have seasoned over the years and have seen all ups and downs. You know who your true friends are and who are mere ‘acquaintances’.



Experiences have Taught You a Lot

With considerable experience with you, you know better! You know whom to trust, which food suits your palette, how to manage crisis situations etc. All these experiences have enriched your life and have sharpened your gut feeling.



Your House Looks like a Home

Your life is straightened up and so is your house! The house is converted into a home with warmth and tidy arrangement. No more bachelor pads or hostel room looking houses. Your home is your best place to come and relax. You are more inclined towards a clean home.



You Manage Money Judiciously

No more unnecessary and impromptu splurging of money. You manage your finances judiciously and take care of investments too. Big purchases are made with due diligence and a lot of research. Stocks are bought, money is invested in pension funds and you have a few FDs too.



You know Time does Heal Wounds

You have known time and again that time indeed is the best medicine for emotional wounds. As the time passes so does it lessen the severity and hurt of certain things. You even learn to forgive and move on.



Just Wear the Damn Bikini

Turning 30 doesn’t mean you have to stop having fun. Instead invest on beautiful experiences than gadgets. Wear that damn bikini and flaunt yourself without being apologetic for your appearance. Let your hair loose and do the dance! All of us are a little bit crazy irrespective of our age!



Turning 30 isn’t bad after all, right?






She is a dynamic HR, an avid reader, an amateur poet and a natural writer. She is an ardent believer in God and tries to dig up happiness even in the darkest of mines. Join her as she takes you on a joyride called ‘life’.


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