7 Inventions made by Women you never knew!


Inventions and Discoveries are essential part of our lives….We respect inventions but somewhere few inventors  go unnoticed…

Well, we will keep ourselves away from any discussions related to feminize, feminism, or a commentator on a society of male dominance or gender equality because that is something everyone is discussing.

Have you ever given a thought about women inventors this world could possibly have? These inventions by women were trend breakers and made a huge difference to the mankind in one way or another. There might be a few names which many of us know, but the chances are most probably we do not know about many of these inventions and inventors.

Here is a list of women of this world, who left their foot prints in the sand of science, and did incredible inventions which if weren’t made, we might not have survived for this long.

Marie Curie: Radium

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No female inventor story would be complete without a mention of Marie Curie, who—alongside her husband Pierre—discovered radium and polonium. The discovery was vital to the development of the X-ray. Unfortunately, the effects of radiation exposure were not then known, and the radioactivity pioneer died as a result of her invention work.

Margaret A. Wilcox: The Car Heater

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Margaret A. Wilcox invented the car heater in 1893. The car heater directed air from over the engine to warm the chilly toes of noble’s in 19th-century motorists. This great inventor also invented a combined clothes and dish washer.

Dr. Seema Prakash: Glass Bead Liquid Culture Technology

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Dr. Seema Prakash was in international headlines in 2003, when she won the Global Female Inventor Award for her discovery of glass bead liquid culture technology. Genetically modified food maybe a subject of debate, but Dr. Prakash believes it is the only way to go forward to solve the eminent issue of world hunger. Her technology is claimed to be cost effective with 98-100% survival rate of the cloned plants with this technology.

Anna Connelly: Fire Escape

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It’s hard to imagine a time before fire safety. In 1887, Anna Connelly decided to create something that would prevent the deaths of many in multistory buildings. She patented the exterior fire escape—which was actually a fire escape bridge surrounded by a railing with openings at the ends. The bridge allowed the safe escape from one building to the next during a fire.

Patricia Bath: Laser Cataract Remover

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Patricia Bath invented the Laserphaco Probe for cataract treatment in the 1980s, making her the first African-American female doctor to receive a medical patent. The probe uses a laser to remove cataracts painlessly, as opposed to the earlier removal method with a drill-like device. In addition to inventing the cataract remover, she cofounded the American Institute for the Prevention of Blindness, which states that “eyesight is a basic human right.”

Mary Anderson: Windshield Wipers

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Can you imagine driving in torrential downpour without windshield wipers? Mary Anderson couldn’t either. She thought of the idea while visiting New York City and noticing that drivers had to stick their heads out the window to see during inclement weather. She was given a patent in 1903 for her rubber blade, which drivers could use by pushing a lever inside of the car.

Sarah E Goode: The Folding Cabinet Bed

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Inventor and entrepreneur Sarah E. Goode was born into slavery in 1850. She was also the first African-American woman to be granted a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, for her invention of a folding cabinet bed in 1885. Having customers from working-class who lived in compact apartments and had less space. Goode invented a cabinet bed, which she described as a “folding bed”. When the bed was not being used, it could also serve as a roll-top desk, complete with compartments for stationery and other writing supplies.

So, have any other names to add? Let us know in our comments section below.

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