Women’s Fragrance Basics and 5 Perfume Fragrances to Swear by!

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Christian Dior has famously once said “A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting!”

This is a very apt and accurate observation, and through this article, we have taken over the responsibility of imparting some much needed awareness and knowledge about the world of perfumes, and what in our books are some TO-DIE for perfumes!

First off- let’s hit the basics. You may have heard of perfumes being described in a musical metaphor as having three sets of NOTES. So what are these Notes?  Let’s decode them a bit for a layman’s understanding:

fragrance notes
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  1. Top Notes: These are the scents that are perceived immediately upon application by the wearer. This basically forms the first initial impression of a perfume & hence is very important while advertising them.
  2. Middle Notes: This is the scent that emerges gradually around the time the top notes dissipate off.
  3. Base Notes: This appears closer to the departure of the Middle Notes. The base and middle notes together are usually considered to be the main theme of a perfume & last the longest. Base notes bring in depth and solidity to a perfume.

Now, how long each of these notes stay on a person usually depends on a variety of factors including the wearer’s body type, body temperature, external environmental factors etc. But by and large, you can consider yourself lucky if your perfume lasts on you for 6 hours or more!

Now that we’ve covered the base, you are gonna love us for the next bit of information.

Here, we list down the 5 major families of fragrances & some of the best perfume fragrances that we could lay our eyes and noses on – 

#1 Floral

Floral fragrances
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The most popular range of fragrances for women – We all love a good bouquet of flowers, don’t we? 😉 These are considered to be the “Good Girls” of the perfume family and are usually made with a combination of scents from different flowers. The one listed below is an eternal class from the house of Elizabeth Arden – “Pretty” .  It’s a floral combination of a beautiful bouquet which includes Peony, Lily & Jasmine as its main notes.

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#2 Oriental

Oriental Fragrances
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These are for the women who like exotic fragrances with a hint of mystery around them. Many of the oriental perfumes are strong, earthy and are also combined with warm notes. Oriental perfumes  mean business – they are quite bold, distinct & ideal for after-work hours! One such perfume in this family we cannot miss mentioning is “Black Orchid” by Tom Ford. Deeply sensual, this is one exotic mix of the rare Black Orchid, dark Mexican Chocolate, Patchouli

#3 Woodsy

Woodsy Fragrances
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If you’re a person who feels happy being closest to Nature, this one’s for you! These perfumes typically have an earthy, woodsy fragrance to them which may remind you of sandalwood, cedar & even moss. More popular amongst men, but no doubt many women have taken a fancy to as well! One of the most widely popular fragrances under this family is “Euphoria” by Calvin Klein. This is an eclectic mix of Mahogany, Amber, Pomegranate & Musk!


#4 Oceanic

perfume Oceanic
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We’ve covered the forests, it’s only fair to get to the next family of fragrances which are aquatic / oceanic in nature. This one is also for the Nature lovers, but who like to keep it a bit light! It evokes scents of the mountain air, oceanic sprays or even fresh clean linen. Absolutely safe to play around with these on summer days, at the workplace! This one by Davidoff – “Cool Water Sea Rose” is an ABSOLUTE favourite for many of us, and is a sure-win choice for many girls around the world!

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#5 Fruity

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These are the simplest, yet equally, sweet smelling if not more! Favoured more by the youngsters, the teenage girls – fruity fragrances are young, chirpy & remind of youthful memories! J Ideal for a fun date/day out with friends. Just be sparing with it, or it may go over to the side of overwhelmingly sweet!  The ever-green (quite literally!) one in this range Be Delicious by DKNY. It is a fresh, energetic fragrance with primary notes which include Green Apple, Cucumber & Grapefruit.

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So, there you go folks! While we’ve covered some of the exotic and popular fragrances from around the world, we’d love to hear about your favourite ones. Do drop in a comment below and spread your knowledge to budding perfume enthusiasts here!

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