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“Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind, soul.”-B.K.S Iyengar

In today’s drastically changing world, one has lost a sense of wellbeing. The everyday burnouts are an alarming sign that it’s time to finally work on your body and mind. Your mind is the opening door for the soul, to your inner peace. These three are interconnected to each other and hence imbalance in any one of this can hamper wellness in one’s life. We have to always be careful about what we are choosing because that has a direct impact on our lifestyles.

So here are some tips to refresh and put your best step forward.

1) Water Is The Most Important Part Of Life – Drink It Up!

Yes, you read it right. Studies show that people have forgotten to drink water in an accurate amount. The busy schedule keeps everyone on their tip-toes. But it’s necessary to drink ample amount of water. Drinking water naturally detoxifies the vital organs. It helps to excrete all the waste metabolites that are accumulated in the body through urine.

Rejuvenate Yourself At Home - Work On Your Body, Mind, Soul 2Since the brain is mostly water, it helps to improve cognition and also supplies proper oxygen. Drinking water also helps to keep your skin hydrated which provides a natural glow to your face. Since many people are unaware of the approximate amount you should be drinking, so here’s a quick formula by an article published with the University of Missouri System.

Calculation: Weight x 0.5= oz. of water/day. A pregnant woman, as well as a breastfeeding mother,  needs to add up 1-2 glasses more to her regular routine.

2) Make Fitness Your Best Friend

We definitely are struggling our ways out of everyday challenges and finding time to maintain our fitness, but let’s be true to ourselves, most of us are unable to do it. But here’s a quick revelation, until and unless we don’t worship our body, our body is going to stop worshipping our soul.

Rejuvenate Yourself At Home - Work On Your Body, Mind, Soul 3Take a break of at least 30mins-40mins to work out either in morning or evenings. It’s a known fact that the body will use carbs in the first 15-20mins of your exercises and then will switch over to fats. In case you are a heart patient or dealing with certain medical ailments, calculate target heart rate. In this case, there is a requirement of consulting medical professionals in order to begin your exercise regime.

You need not go to a gym and start working out, there are myriad of ways that can figure out. Power yoga, jogging, Zumba, Calisthenics and the list goes on.

3) Travel, it makes you see life in a different way

Travel…before you are out of time. Travelling is such a peace of mind. Travelling lets you feel and explore your body mind and soul. Its always said when you are lost you travel. Travelling helps you to pep up. Pack your bags and get going to the most serene place or the most adventurous place. Embrace the journey that you are on. Meet new people and learn their perspective of life while giving one to yours. When you come back you will have new things to look up to or say the old things but in a new way to look up for.

Rejuvenate Yourself At Home - Work On Your Body, Mind, Soul 4If travelling is kind of heavy on your pockets go and sit at the nearby beach. Watch a sunset, and as the sunsets make a promise to yourselves that tomorrow you are going to rise like Phoenix. Let all the negative energy drain out and start all fresh. And remember when you do all this declutter your electronic gadgets. They give a fake impression of life and trust me we all want to live real.

4) Breathe in, it relieves you from stress

Have you heard of Diaphragmatic breathing? Studies done in Psychology states that diaphragmatic breathing can help to improve mental status. Breathing is the first function that affects when mind body and soul are not in a line. In order to deal with this, an individual should practice breathing exercises. Not everyone is well versed proper breathing patterns. Diaphragmatic breathing will help you reduce the job burnout, emotional exhaustion and improve your mental capabilities. Physiological studies have indicated that these exercises can improve oxygenation, enhance pulmonary function, maintains cardio-respiratory fitness and reduces blood pressure.

Rejuvenate Yourself At Home - Work On Your Body, Mind, Soul 5So how do we do it? The first step to do this is proper positioning. Place the pillows against the wall in such a way that your back is inclined at least 45degrees backwards and then keep the legs in a straight position. Place one more pillow below your thighs. Now place the hand on your belly and breathe in slowly and deeply through the nose. Keep your shoulder and chest relaxed and allow the abdomen to rise slightly, then exhale slowly through the mouth. Try to Control your breathing. Ones you have understood the pattern perfectly, it can be practised a variety of positions like sitting, standing, walking and climbing stairs.

5) Read! It takes you to another world

Reading and disconnecting yourself from the world is a blessing in disguise. Reading lets you build a world that you want for yourself. It gives the power to your imagination. It can be any book starting from a storybook to reading a high standard philosophical book. Reading opens a magical door to your mind. It helps you look in ways that you would never look. Overlook things that are of less importance to your life, yet reminding your mind that what your soul is capable of.

Rejuvenate Yourself At Home - Work On Your Body, Mind, Soul 6Reading sets your mind body and soul free. So when you pass by book station do stop and get a book for yourself read it, close your eyes and think what did the book tell you? What impact did it have it on you for the last 15-20mins of reading it, what can you do with it, how could you imply those virtues in your life. I am sure the book did talk to you and told you its secret. So concentrate, the magic is right there, you just need to read it.

6) Find Your Hobbies

There are things that we ought to do but damn its just 24hours. Someone ones told me the clock is keeping the track of the time, not your body or your soul or your mind. We just happen to look at the watch and realize the time. So why not make 24hours into 25hours. Heres the deal, stop being lethargic, get on your tiny tiptoes and do the stuff that you like. For instance, if you are good at singing, why not sing yourself to sleep. If you are a good dancer, why not dance in the morning and let your happy hormones get released. If you are good at cooking and yet you don’t find time to prep yourself for cooking, start preparing it from the previous day.

Rejuvenate Yourself At Home - Work On Your Body, Mind, Soul 7Plan and you can sort it out to make time for your hobbies. In case you want to learn something new, there’s always Youtube. Get going on weekend classes, attend weekend workshops and in free time practice it or revise them through your smartphones. We don’t have to wait to do things after retirement or crossing 40’s. We can do it right now. Just plan and make it happen. Make your soul happy.

7) Get Self-Motivation

There is no one as a brilliant self-motivator than you for yourself. We know our weakness and also our strength. We have seen ourselves coming out of miseries and yet surviving for the good. It is just “I” at the end. So be that “I” and motivate yourself while keeping up with the struggles of everyday life. Remember to tell yourself these 3 lines


Rejuvenate Yourself At Home - Work On Your Body, Mind, Soul 8And I am sure YOU CAN DO IT. There’s no stopping if decided that nothing can let you bend your spine. There is this thing that you can do is VISUALISATION. Yes, we can visualize that we have already achieved what we want to achieve and life after that. Pretty isn’t it. Then we have to work for the same. Revive all your energy, focus and achieve it.

We live in the 21 st century, and with every century humans are going to turn into robots and the very essence of life is going to be lost. Nature didn’t create us for being robots, it created us to feel things, to extract happiness from what other things it built. Rejuvenate, and relive every moment of life, because when it’s gone we are not getting it back. Construct a mindful body with a happy soul living in it.

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She is Physiotherapist having a Masters degree in Neurophysiotherapy.
Being a full-time Physiotherapist does not stop her from travelling, writing and pursuing her hobby of photography.  Overthinking happens to be her superpower, which makes her a sharp observer of behaviour. She believes in living life with a purpose which reflects in her writing.

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  1. Very well written she is really an inspiring human being. I really admire her sense of thinking to keep it up Dr. Prajakta.

  2. Thankyou so much for making us realize what we need in our life. People nowadays living their busy life have forgotten that with their body their soul and mind also needs to relax. The tips you shared with us are surely going to be very helpful for all. You are doing a great job. God bless you.

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