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Once the festive season is over your house is full of wrapping papers lying ubiquitously. What will you do of those wrapping papers? Throwing them away will burn your heart! If you are a craft lover make use of these leftovers and wonder how you can bring back life into these. Recycle, reuse, reduce or recreate the messed up wrapping paper and make some cool DIY stuff. There are many things you can make using your creativity. Book covers, photo frames, wall arts, magnets, child art, and decorations – there are plenty such ideas!

Scroll down to see how leftover wrapping papers will bring life to your homes

1. Wrapping Paper Mini Envelope

These tiny envelopes come quite handy many times!! The colourful and textured envelopes will impart a pleasing effect!

Method: Using an envelope template cut out small envelopes on different wrapping papers. Fold it along the lines and keep a note for your dearest. Viola!!

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2. Colorful Book Covers

Books with glittery and patterned covers look fantastic. All you need is some leftover papers and uncovered books!

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3. Wrapping Paper Bunting Decor

Beautify your homes with bunting decorations using leftover gift wraps. Don’t spend money at the dollar store-bought buntings, create your own decorations.

Method: Cut out wraps into thick stripes and make little hearts. String them into bunting and there you go! Create your own version of buntings with any kind and colour of paper available at home. You may choose triangular motifs for your bunting instead of hearts – the choice is yours!

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4. Add Colored Drawer Liners

Small renovations at home can give a perfect touch up and add new life to the décor. Organize your stuff in style. Craft papers and wrappers can be used as drawer lines to stylize your kingdom.

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5. DIY Wall Art Using Leftover Papers

Dress up your wall with this stunning leftover paper wall art. It will transform your room into a pretty sanctuary effortlessly.

Method: This project was originally made from magazine papers; however, you can customize using wrapping papers too. Mix and match different papers to get a unique wall art!

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6. Paper Bead Ornaments

Get creative making differently coloured and sized paper beads. With a little practice, you can make interesting jewellery and garlands out of these cute beads. Paper bead making projects are ultimate stress busters!

Method: Cut papers into thin triangles. Keep rolling tightly and seal the edges with glue. Paper beads are ready to use!

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These amazing DIY wrapping paper projects are apt for children, teens, tweens and adults to make within minutes!

Have fun with these crafting ideas! Post pictures of your projects in comments below!

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