Healthy eating is on the rise and so are so called ‘healthy’ products in the market. But we need to look closer at these foods and not get fooled by the packaging. The food industry is trying to tap on the ‘healthy eating revolution’. Let’s not follow them blindly and choose our foods wisely.

Here is a list of foods which pretends to be healthy but in reality isn’t –

#1 Packed ‘Fresh’ Fruit Juices

Healthy Fruit Juices
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These juices may make promises to be fresh and from the fruits, but in reality these are overloaded with sugar and preservatives. Sometimes there isn’t even a hint of actual fruit in these juices. But mostly chemicals that taste like fruit. So inadvertently what you are drinking is basically just fruit-flavored sugar water. Period!

#2 Chips

Unhealthy Chips
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Please understand let them be any kind of chips. A chip is a chip and cannot be a spinach or an avocado! Even if they claim to be made from vegetables or kettle cooked or from an avocado itself – remember it is a chip in the end. It has all that extra salt, oil and unwanted chemicals which do not serve any nutrition to the body. So the next time someone tries to sell you a ‘healthy’ pack of chips, you know what to do!

#3 Bread

Whole Bread
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You might be buying the whole wheat bread being health conscious now! But hello, that bread has no nutrients but instead gluten and chemicals which are ruining your digestive system. And to top it all it doesn’t have any valuable nutrients to add to your body. Bread of any kind isn’t a healthy food option AT ALL!

#4 Breakfast Cereals

Cereal Healthy
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They may allure you into their slim down game, but don’t fall for it. Most of the cereals are processed and include added sugar and flavours. The bran is removed which actually is the fibre content. The labels that they carry may be “whole grain” or “low fat.” But in reality, these are just boxes full of refined grains, artificial chemicals and sugar. It is always better to have wholesome breakfast like poha, upma, idli rather than these fancy cereals.

#5 Any Kind of Frozen Food

Frozen foods
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Let them tell you anything, frozen food will not add any proteins to your diet. What it might give is a slight convenience. But at the cost of what? Your health? It is better to munch on that raw carrot or a cucumber than eating frozen foods. Stay away from frozen foods!

Please be extremely vigilant while buying foods which sound healthy. Don’t fall for fancy packaging, instead look at the ingredients mentioned. Happy eating folks!

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