The Yellow Chilli – One Amazing Place For Food Which Derives From India’s Finest Chef (Sanjeev Kapoor)


The Yellow Chilli Goa




Yellow Chilli – Bass Naam hi Kaafi Hai!!

We all drool and get pleased by watching master chef, but what about having food made by master chef… Isn’t it interesting!!!

Stylewhack got chance to review this amazing restaurant chain “The Yellow Chilli” by India’s finest Chef Sanjeev Kapoor. The Yellow Chilli, Goa has one of the best ambiance with decent interior. Located in Mall De Goa, Goa, The Yellow Chilli give you complete dining experience. You are welcome with humble manager and you surely get best place for you here. A welcome platter has crispy papad, green basil chutney and yummy sweet Mango Jam.

Stylewhack Yellow chillies

Mocktails at Yellow Chilli

They have some signature mocktails and you surely want to taste each one of it. Best one is the Gauva Tomato Mocktail, it is just perfect and not too chilled. Other one was Kiwi Mocktail which was super chilled!

Stylewhack Yellow chillies
Amazing Mocktail with tint of chilli and gauva

Stylewhack Yellow chillies

Sumptuous signature starters 

They serve unique starters, one which you can see is Paneer Basil Poshida. Super soft and fresh paneer is stuffed with chesse slice. This combination is roasted on tandoor and served with fresh basil chutney.

Stylewhack Paneer Basil Poshida
Paneer Basil Poshida

Main Course Just Calls You To Bring Some Extra Space In Your Tummy

After having soulful starters, main course surely takes you on cloud 9. Shaam Savera is again one of the unique dish. It contains thick red gravy with crafted Palak and cotton cheese balls. Lalla Mussa Dal – Unique Soft melting dal makani which is cooked overnight to make it soft and tasty. To compliment this dish Missi Roti and Basil Butter Paratha are best.

Stylewhack Yellow chillies Shaam Savera
Shaam Savera
Stylewhack Yellow chillies
Missi Roti and Basil Butter Paratha
Stylewhack Yellow chillies
Lalla Mussa Dal – Soft melting dal makani

No Food Is Complete Without Sweet Dish

You just can’t escape without tasting their dessert section. It is tough to take decision about what to have. But must have is traditional Gulab-Jamun with a twist. This is special Gulkand Gulab Jamun where it has Gulkand filling and favour and aroma of rose conquers your heart.

Stylewhack Yellow chillies Gulab jamun
Gulab-e-Gulkand – One big bomb Gulab to eat and indulge in it!

Humble and Amazing Staff and Ambiance

You food becomes tasting when it is made and served with love! Do check out ambiance of this place, it is simply beautiful.

Stylewhack Yellow chillies
Manager and Humble Staff
Beautiful ambiance with lovely table setting

When you are in Goa this place is must visit for not only signature food but for some really awesome time!

Yellow Chilli Ambiance A
Beautiful caricature story on the walls
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